Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Todd Bumgardner: Do you have a morning routine? (Steal mine!)

It's common knowledge now-a-days that routine and ritual is super important--so I hope you're already kicking along with a great morning routine that sets you up for a great day. 

One that gets your body moving.

One that starts to get your head on straight.

One that sets you up to be positive and productive.

In the case that you don't, or just to offer you some ideas that you might able to add to your routine, I'm sharing mine. 

Here it is in step-by-step form:

1. Walk down stairs, turn on the water for coffee.

2. Head to the middle of the living room and do my movement routine: Prone 3 Month Breathing, Cat-Cow, 1/2 Kneeling Shoulder CARs, Ankle CARs, Standing Hip CARs

3. Put coffee and water into my aero press and let it brew and drip into my cup. While I'm doing this I do Chin Tucks and Neck CARs

4. 5 minutes of Box Breathing (:05 breath in, hold for :05, :05 breath out, hold for :05)

5. Review my quarterly goals

6. Think about how I want to live out the day ahead of me and set my intent to do so

7. Read for 20 minutes

8. Review my planner for the days meetings, tasks, etc. 

9. Start working

Steps 1-8 take about 30-35 total minutes. And the combination really sets me up for a good day. 

But, if you wanted to stick to the essentials, here's what I'd do:

-The movement routine
-The box Breathing
-The setting the living intentions for the day
-The planner review

That would all take about 10 minutes. 


I think it's worth it to carve out that little sliver of time to set our selves up for a great day. 

Let's play devil's advocate and say we could only pick one. What would I recommend?

God, man, even as I'm writing this I'm thinking about how hard of a decision that is. 

I'd say the movement routine. 

Getting your body moving and feeling good first thing in the morning can really affect your headspace for the rest of the day. If you can't do anything else, get up and move right away. 

When we have routines like this it helps us manage our time and our priorities...and those are two big things that keep us on track and successful as trainers--crafting the careers and the lives that we want. 

You Rule!
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