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Cissus quadrangularis: Joint Support, Fat Loss, Liver Support, Testosterone

In the 4-Hour Body, Timothy Ferriss used cissus quadrangularis to eat all he wanted while keeping the fat off. He took 2.4 grams (2,400 milligrams) three times per day 30 minutes prior to meals.

While best known as a supplement for joint support, Cissus is becoming a major player in.

Fat Loss
Liver Support
Testosterone Support (through controlling cortisol levels)

Cissus is a plant that grows in Africa and Asia and is commonly referred to as veld grape. Research shows that cissus is effective at enhancing bone reformation after breaks, preventing osteoporosis and providing powerful antioxidant and antibacterial benefits.

According to Muscle & Fitness:
"Scientists reported that the obese group that took a placebo along with the low-calorie diet lost just 5 pounds and 2% bodyfat; the obese group that took cissus but didn't diet lost 15 pounds and 6% bodyfat; and the obese group that took cissus and followed the low-calorie diet lost 18 pounds and 8% bodyfat. The overweight group that took cissus with no diet lost 8 pounds and 5% bodyfat."

Cissus quadrangularis stem alleviates insulin resistance, oxidative injury and fatty liver disease in rats fed high fat plus fructose diet. Chidambaram, Jaya1 Carani Venkatraman, Anuradha Food & Chemical Toxicology; Aug2010, Vol. 48 Issue 8/9, p2021-2029, 9p

THIS IS CISSUS. Stoppani, Jim. Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness, Jul2007, Vol. 68 Issue 7, p246-246, 1p

Stoppani, Jim. "Power lant: ever hear of Cissus? We thought not. Here's an introduction to what could prove to be a very valuable herb in your bodybuilding efforts." Flex May 2008: 306+. Academic OneFile. Web. 30 Nov. 2012.

The anabolic effect of Cissus quadrangularis

Cissus quadrangularis helps bone cells make more IGF-1

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Calcium - muscle, bone building and fat burning phenom.

Calcium is an essential mineral for muscle function, bone health and may play a part in fat burning.

  • Calcium is critical for muscle contraction as well as relaxtion.
  • Calcium reduces fat absorption.
  • Calcium promotes thermogenesis.
  • Men who get almost 2,000 mg of calcium per day had 25% less risk of mortality. 
  • Combine 500 mg of calcium and 348 IU of vitamin D has been linked to higher fat metabolism.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Make it hot! Capsaicin the metabolic spice.

Capsaicin is the chemical in chilli peppers that makes them spicy. It raises levels of the neurohormone norepinephrine increasing your metabolic rate resulting in enhanced fat loss.

Purchase supplements that have atleast 40,000 to 80,0000 Scoville thermal units (heat units).

Take as directed 30 minutes prior to cardio or HIIT sessions. Beware that you will feel the heat of the capsule once you swallow it. Avoid this one if you are sensitive to spicy foods.

Carnitine: Burn fat, memory support, increase testosterone uptake and boost nitric oxide.

Carnitine known as the fat transporter to muscle cells (mitochondria). This amino acid also enhances muscle recovery by increasing the number of testosterone receptors in muscle cells. The GPLC form takes advantage of the NO3 pathway to boost nitric oxide.

Take 1,000-3,000mg in the form of L-carnitine or acetyl-L-carnitine for fat burning or memory support. L-carnitine-L-tartrate to increase androgen receptors for greater testosterone uptake. GPLC (glycine propionyl-L-carnitine) to get one of the biggest pumps you've ever had.

Beverly International Quadracarn has three forms of the carnitine mentioned.

Bovine Colostrum or Growth enhancing anabolic milk.

Bovine colostrum is the first milk produced by cows giving birth. This special milk has been know to be specifically designed by nature to improve immune function and increase levels of IGF-1. This stuff is designed to get the new calf growing fast.

Just what a new calf or bodybuilder flush with cash needs.

If you have the dough, replace 5-10g of protein in your pre- and post-workout shakes with 5-10g of bovine colostrum.

Otherwise, buy in capsule form and take 1 - 2 at bedtime or as directed.

The Encyclopedia of Supplements Jim Stoppani Flex. 29.10 (Dec. 2011): p196.

Ripped At 48: Steven Herman Talks With

SHR # 1199 :: The BluePrint Power Hour ::Podcast (first 10 minutes)

Why is there black pepper in my supplement? Bioperine (Piperine)

Bioperine or Piperine is an active extract derived from black or long pepper.

It was developed to enhance nutrient absorption. Supplement companies typically add 5mg along with B6 to products to accomplish greater absorption increasing blood flow to the digestive tract.

Source Citation (MLA 7th Edition)
"Sabinsa granted third patent on Bioperine bioavailability enhancing phytonutrient." BIOTECH Patent News Dec. 1999. Health Reference Center Academic. Web. 26 Nov. 2012.

"Piperine Increases Serum Response of Beta-Carotene During 14 Days of Oral Beta Carotene Supplementation" (Nutrition Research Journal: March 1999).

What are Alpha-Ketoglutarates (AKG) and Why are They Attached to My Supplement?

Alpha-ketoglutaric acid (AKG) molecules are often attached to amino acids making them Amino Acid Alpha-Ketoglutarates. AKGs are known as transport molecules. They help the amino acid bypass the gut and enter the muscle cell.

This gives whatever it's attached to (creatine or arginine are common) superior absorption.

L- form amino acids are absorbed and used by the small intestines for nucleotide synthesis. AKG aminos on the other hand are shuttled directly to the muscle cells making AKG products popular in the muscle and strength building communities.

This makes AKG aminos the perfect choice if your goal is building muscle, but maybe not the best choice if you have more generalized health goals. AKG drives the amino acid into muscle cells creating a pro-muscle growth environment.

As a bonus once that AKG has shuttled the attached amino acid into the muscle cell it is then converted by the body into glutamine.

Should you be eating and drinking Chi Chi Chi Chia?

It depends? Yeah, you've heard that before. Dietians love them, strength trainers love them but studies have not proven their weight loss application.

The tiny seeds are packed with calcium, iron, and magnesium, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. Vladimir Vuksan, Ph.D., a professor of medicine and nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto who has studied the effects of chia in both healthy and diabetic people. "Chia seeds seem to have cardioprotective properties and can assist in stabilizing your blood sugar." An ounce of dried seeds is 138 calories and provides 10 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and 5 grams of omega-3s (ALA).

Used by the Aztecs this superfood  (Salvia hispanica L.) has no flavor to me when added to water but has sometimes been described as having a nutty-taste on foods. They can be sprinkled on salads, mixed them into yogurt, blended into your postworkout shakes, or just added to your favorite beverage.

The reported benefits are:

  • Fight cravings
  • Slow sugar spikes
  • Contain ALA omega-3s
  • Contain 11 grams of fiber per ounce
  • Good source of protein.
  • Gel can be used in baking
  • Do not have to be ground to utilize omega-3s

A single serving, about an ounce (28 grams), delivers 4 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber.

Chia seed does not promote weight loss or alter disease risk factors in overweight adults.

Chia seed supplementation and disease risk factors in overweight women: a metabolomics investigation.

Supplementation of milled chia seeds increases plasma ALA and EPA in postmenopausal women.


9 Reasons Why Chia Seeds Are An Ideal Performance Food

Source Citation (MLA 7th Edition)
"Are chia seeds worth a try?" Men's Health May 2012: 026. Popular Magazines. Web. 23 Nov. 2012.
Hutzler, Kayla. "New superfood: chia seeds." Muscle & Fitness/Hers July-Aug. 2012: 26. Popular Magazines. Web. 23 Nov. 2012.

Video: @Bodyfortress @SixStarPro Protein Has Changed my Life - Physiques of Greatness

I like these guys. Beware, if you don't like profanity, these aren't the videos for you.


Body Fortress Muscle Building Stack at Walmart $59.94 U.S.

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Baylor University finds that Melatonin pre-workout boost leg press strength and growth hormone levels

Melatonin known as a sleep aid and antioxidant has been found to be a beneficial pre-workout supplement.

Baylor University (Waco, Texas) found that strength trained males given 5 mg of melatonin one hour before a leg workout had higher GH levels just before and after they trained than those taking a placebo. Even test subjects who took just 0.5 mg of melatonin had higher GH levels post-workout.

The protocol had no effect on women. Their GH levels remained the same.

Other research conducted at Liverpool John Moores University showed that when melatonin was taken within 75 minutes before exercise, athletes did not have increased sleepiness or decreased levels of alertness.

This is one of those supplements where more is not better. Other research has shown that amounts greater than 5 mg actually lowered GH production.

To boost GH levels around training sessions take 0.5-5 mg of melatonin 30-60 minutes before your workouts.

***** I would still execute caution with this one. *****
*****Be sure not to take melatonin before driving or if you do get sleepy, don't workout. *****

Ergo-log articles:
Dash of melatonin boosts post-training GH 09.03.2012
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Hormone therapy with a strong lamp 03.04.2011
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Melatonin reduces estradiol level 11.11.2009
Animal study: melatonin extends lifespan 25.10.2009
Melatonin keeps brain cells young 04.10.2009
Melatonin before cardio raises growth hormone release 29.05.2009

Terry Crews Expendables Training: Doing 24s

Nothing I can saw would add to this post. Just watch and get after it!

6 Upright Rows
6 Clean and Jerks
6 Romanian Deadlifts
6 Jump Squats

The full Expendables cast workouts here.

Terry Crews - Cobra Back Workout

IronMagLabs - Hardcore Bodybuilding Nutrition

I like nasty girls. Crossfit for nasty workouts.

While I typically do strength or bodybuilding workouts, I like trying new stuff and Crossfit fits the bill. It far more grueling than my typical workout but sometimes you got to go to the wall.

Here they are. Pace yourself and keep a puke bucket at hand.

■100 Pull-ups
■100 Push-ups
■100 Sit-ups
■100 Squats
For Time Complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next.

■20 Pull-ups
■30 Push-ups
■40 Sit-ups
■50 Squats 5 rounds for time

■5 Pull-ups
■10 Push-ups
■15 Squats
Each min on the min for 30 min

■5 Pull-ups
■10 Push-ups
■15 Squats
As many rounds as possible in 20 min

■Deadlift 225 lbs
■Handstand push-ups
21-15-9 reps, for time

■Clean 135 lbs
■Ring Dips
21-15-9 reps, for time

■Thruster 95 lbs
21-15-9 reps, for time

■Clean and Jerk 135 lbs
30 reps for time

■400 meter run
■1.5 pood Kettlebell swing x 21
12 reps 3 rounds for time

■Snatch 135 pounds
30 reps for time

■1000 meter row
■Thruster 45 lbs (50 reps)
■Pull-ups (30 reps)
For time

150 shots For time

Linda (aka "3 bars of death")
■Deadlift 1 1/2 BW
■Bench BW
■Clean 3/4 BW
10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 rep rounds for time

■5 Handstand push-ups
■10 1-legged squats
■15 Pull-ups
As many rounds as possible in 20 min

■400 meter run
■Overhead squat 95 lbs x 15
5 rounds for time

Air Squats and Pushups - My favorite morning wakeup!

When I get up too late for a full fledged workout, I like to get it in quick with this one.

Squat - Push up Circuit
   Reps                                     Reps
Air Squats                                 Pushups
      10                                           1
        9                                           2
        8                                           3
        7                                           4
        6                                           5
        5                                           6
        4                                           7
        3                                           8
        2                                           9
        1                                         10
Feel free to repeat or change it up. 

GOMAD (Gallon Of Milk A Day) approach to mass gain. Gain 30 lbs of muscle in 6 weeks. Super Squats Program

Drink a gallon of milk a day and do lots of squats. That's the plan. Most do it only on days they work out. This is old school.

Super Squats Diet:
Breakfast 3 eggs, 1 slice of bread, 2 cups milk

Snacks 1/2 sandwich with meat, 2 cups milk 

Lunch A sandwich with meat, A cheese sandwich, 2 cups milk, 1 fruit

Snacks 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 slice of cheese, 2 cups milk

Dinner 3/4 pound of meat (340 gr.), Vegetables, 2 cups milk, 1 fruit

Snacks 1/4 pound of cheese (110 gr.), 2 cups milk

Bedtime 2 cups of milk

Post-Workout 2 cups of milk

This diet contains about 4,750 calories and 253 grams of protein and represents an example of that is very successfully used, along with squats for 20 reps.


GOMAD: How to Gain 25lbs in 25 Days with Squats & Milk

CrossFit - Gaining with the GOMAD Diet

Sample Program:
  • Squat: 1x20 (besure to warm-up)
  • Pullovers: 1x20 (Do not use heavy weight)
  • Bench press: 2-3 x 10
  • Bent row: 2-3x15
  • Military press: 2-3 x 12

T NATION | Peary Rader's Old-School Training

Betaine or TMG (trimethylglycine) boosts IGF-1, supports joint and liver health and increases strength.

This amino acid derived from beets is a big component of big strength protein blends like Optimum Nutrition Hydrobuilder and Cytosport Monster Milk.

It aids in joint building and repair and in liver protection and repair. All beneficial for strength athletes.

Studies show that it boosts strength and power, increases growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) levels, and helps in the production of creatine in the liver

It may also support faster recovery from injury and inflammation. And may help in the reduction of homocysteine levels making it heart healthy.

The recommended dosage to support strength is 1,500-3,000mg with pre- and post-workout meals.

The Popeye Supplement: Beta-Ecdysterone (Hardgainers pay attention)

This is a phytochemical found in plants such as spinach that stimulates protein synthesis causing muscle growth with no impact on hormone levels.

That recommended dosage is l00mg with meals, including before and after workouts, for a total of 400-500mg daily.

Ecdysterone has been combined with Methoxyisoflavone often as a remedy for the hardgainer.

Aggressive Strength Natural Testosterone Booster 

Beta-Carotene: Vitamin A that's non-toxic

A nontoxic source of vitamin A, beta-carotene is an natural antioxidant that defends cells from free radicals, and aids recovery from exercise.

Review your multivitamin to see if you are getting the recommended dosage of 5,000-25,000 international units (IU) per day. To increase absorption take it with fat-containing meals.

Beta-Alanine: You either love it or hate it.

Tingling or Itchy, no new supplements is equally loved and hated as Beta-Alanine. I myself take it and then stop. I get sick of the feeling along the way.

In the body, beta-alanine combines with another amino acid, histidine, to form the dipeptide (two aminos bound together) known as carnosine.

Higher levels of carnosine can generate greater forceful contractions for a longer period, resulting in superior strength, endurance, and mass gains.

Takng beta-alanine with creatine was observed in one study to result in more muscle gained and more fat lost than subjects taking just creatine.

The recommended dosage various from splitting up 3.2 grams all day to taking 2-3g with your pre- and post-workout shakes.

Aggressive Strength Natural Testosterone Booster

Banaba Leaf Extract: An insulin mimicker.

Used in the Philippines as traditional medicine to treat diabetes and kidney diseases, the leaves appear to act in a similar manner to insulin by activating insulin receptors. One of the main ingredients responsible for this action is corosolic acid.
Try 30-50mg banaba leaf extract standardized for corosolic acid with your post-workout shake or with you biggest carbohydrate containing meal.

Or anytime with carbs and creatine. Banaba and other insulin-boosting supplements like gymnema and alpha lipoic acid work by either increasing the release of insulin from the pancreas or enhancing its effects at the muscle. Taking any of these post-workouts boosts insulin's action at the muscles without promoting insulin's action on fat storage.

Beta-Phenylethylamine (PEA): Better Mood and Better Fat Burn

This is a naturally occurring metabolite of the amino acid phenylalanine. Known as a stimulatory transmitter in the body that enhances neurotransmission, it also promotes fat burning by increasing the release of norepinephrine.

Norepinephrine raises dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain reducing the sensation of pain and boosting feelings of euphoria. This can help trainees tolerate the rigors of training and dieting. It's also available as beta-methoxyphenylethylamine, a form that significantly enhances its half-life in the body and allows a single dose to be more effective.
The recommended dosage is 100-500mg one or two times daily.

Will Smith's Bench Press Pyramid Routine

So you want a massive chest like Big Willy? Well, you can either hire Darrell Foster or read Men's Health.

Here's the pyramid used to get ready for I, Robot.

He did either flat or incline bench presses once a week.

Warm up with three sets of 10 repetitions, increasing the weight with each set, but staying below 70 percent of your one-rep max.

Smith did 135, 185, and 225

Do up to six sets of one repetition. Begin with a weight that's at least 80 percent of your one-rep max. Progress by small--5 percent or less--increments.

Smith did 315, 335, 355, 365, 375, and 385.

Reverse the path until you're back to the weight you used for your first one-rep set.

To thoroughly exhaust the pectorals, Smith would finish by bench-pressing 315 pounds for two sets of five reps, then finally lifting 135 until failure.


Celebrity Muscle - Will Smith

Don't run out of gas in the gym. Fuel up with Ribose.

Ribose or d-ribose improves energy levels both during the day and during workouts. Ribose is a simple sugar that appears to increase endurance energy. For me, it has worked during workouts and if I need an energy boost at work.

The dosage varies depending on the product you choose. I tend to follow the instructions. For workouts you can go with 5-10g with your pre- and post-workout shakes.

Ribose is a pricey supplement but is well worth the investment. Especially for those of us over the age of 40.

Ribose has a negative glycemic index reading and has been known to cause hyperactivitely or even symptoms similiar to low blood sugar. This can be resolved by either lowering the dose of ribose or taking ribose with food.

The Life Changing Power of D-Ribose

Ribose for Cellular Energy

Supplements of Yesteryear

Vera. "Rev up with ribose: optimize energy levels, improve sleep, and enhance mental clarity with this natural supplement. " Better Nutrition.  72.2 (Feb 2010): 22(1).

The Encyclopedia of Supplements. Jim Stoppani. Flex. 29.10 (Dec. 2011): p196.

Product Review: BPI Sports Blox - Silk Amino Acids (SAA)

I got lucky and found Blox for $15 for 60 servings at one of those damaged freight places. This stuff is great. Super tastey. I felt great while drinking it and have to give it the "two thumbs up (way up)" ranking.

Do yourself a favor and give it a try.  Interesting enough is the new Muscletech Nitro-Tech has a high dose of Alanine and Glycine added. These are the predominant components of Silk Amino Acids.

Could you get the same benefit? Maybe, I would say that it is also worth trying.

Silk amino acids have been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years and now the western world muscledom has jumped on board.

Silk amino acids or SAA are comprised of primarly of 5 short chain proteins in the below proportions.

Predominant composition of silk amino acids (by weight*)
•L-Alanine (34.36%)
•Glycine (27.23%)
•L-Serine (9.58%)
•L-Valine (3.49%)
•L-Threonine (2.00%)
•[*SAAs contains other amino acids but only those representing >2.00% are listed due to their greater relevance]

^ Shin S, Park D, Yeon S et al. Stamina-enhancing effects of silk preparations in mice. Lab Anim Res 2009;25:127–34.

BPI Blox gives SAA SEQUENCED PROTEINS™ in a 3,960mg serving containing Alanine, Glycine, Serine, Valine, and Threonine.

The reported benefits are as follows.

A recent animal study, found that when exercising mice were given three different doses of silk amino acids for 44 days, the mice experienced:

•Improved exercise performance
•SAA fed mice exercised more than twice as long as mice not fed SAAs (28 minutes vs 13 minutes)
•In terms of absolute improvement in exercise performance, SAAs produced improvements that were six times greater than that seen with just exercise (18 minute increase compared to 3 minute increase)
•Eliminated the increase in blood lactate levels (which were significantly increased with just exercise)
•Eliminated the increase in muscle oxidation (which was also significantly increased with just exercise)
•Maintained blood glucose levels (vs being significantly lowered in exercising mice)
•Increased muscle glycogen and liver glycogen (compared to exercise alone)
Increased testosterone levels (64% increase vs 36% reduction in exercise group; in absolute terms, blood testosterone levels that were 2.6 times higher in SAAs group compared to exercise group)
Reduced cortisol (140% increase in cortisol in exercising group while no significant increase was seen when SAAs were given)
Increased anabolic ratio (4-fold higher anabolic ratio; ie, the testosterone to cortisol ratio compared to mice not receiving any)
Increased muscle size (16% increase with high-dose)

Other effects of silk amino acids (SAAs) or silk protein hydrolysates include regulating the immune system, lowering muscle and liver damage, as well as having anti-tumor, and anti-viral effects.

1.Shin S, Yeon S, Park D et al. Silk amino acids improve physical stamina and male reproductive function in mice. Biol Pharm Bull 2010;33:273–8.
2.^ Ryu JM, Kim TM, Seo IK et al. Effect of repeated administration of silk peptide on the immune system of rats. Lab Anim Res 2008;24:361–9.
3.^ Kim TM, Ryu JM, Seo IK et al. Four-week repeated-dose toxicity of silk amino acids in rats. Lab Anim Res 2008;24:565–73.
4.^ Zhaorigetu S, Yanaka N, Sasaki M et al. Silk protein, sericin, suppresses DMBA-TPA-induced mouse skin tumorigenesis by reducing oxidative stress, inflammatory responses and endogenous tumor promoter TNF-alpha. Oncol Rep 2003;10:537–4.
5.^ Gotoh K, Izumi H, Kanamoto T et al. Sulfate fibroin, a novel sulfated peptide derived from silk, inhibits immunodeficiency virus replication in vitro. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 2000;64:1664–70.

Is There a Silky Way to a Leaner, Healthier You? BPI Sports Introduces the First Silk Protein Supplement to the Market

Fat Burning Silk Peptides From Korean Labs: You Don't Even Have to Eat Worms to Gear Your Personal Energy-In-VS-Energy-Out Equation Towards Weight & Fat Loss

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Avena Sativa or Anabolic Oats

Avena sativa  is the scientific name for oats.  Why should you care? Why do bodybuilders benefit from eating pounds of oat meal?

Well, they are a good source of slow carbohydrates and intestine healthy fats. But alas, grasshopper, that is not the only reason.

You see avena satia contains this stuff called avenocosides, which are a type of plant saponin similar to the furostanolic saponins in Tribulus.

Like the saponins in tribulus these saponins increase the amount of luteinizing hormone (LH) released from the pituitary gland, which influences the testicles to produce more testosterone.

In addition, these avenocosides free up testosterone from its carrier protein, sex-hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). Free testosterone is the type that is available to enter muscle cells resulting in growth and boost strength gains.

The recommended dosage is 100-300mg of a 10:1 Avena sativa extract two or three times a day, with one dose 30-60 minutes before workouts.

ALR Industries Exchange (Ursolic Acid) 120 Caps Dietary Supplement

My previous post on Ursolic Acid (no cycling required)

What is Ursolic Acid? Build muscle, increase testosterone, block estrogen, and burn fat with 3-beta-3-hydroxy-urs-12-ene-28-oic acid

ALR Industries Exchange is the new Ursolic Acid supplement in the fight for ultimate anabolism.

What makes exchange different from other products? ALR explains it here.

According to ALR, The Studied Benefits of Ursolic Acid are:
  • Augmentation of lean muscle mass by way of increased sensitivity to IGF-1 and insulin as well as inhibition of atrogin-1 and MuRF1.†
  • Increased muscle glycogen stores thus increase muscular recovery and performance potential.†
  • Increased bone strength by enhancing IGF-1 activity and differentiation and mineralization of osteoblasts.†
  • By inhibiting 11-bHSD-1 decreased visceral (abdominal) fat.†
  • Decreased estrogen levels through aromatase inhibition.†
  • By way of pancreatic inhibition of lipase and increased lipolysis in fat cells, decreased fat storage and increase fat burning.†
  • Decreased conversion of blood sugar to fat by inhibition fatty acid synthase.†
  • Decreased bad cholesterol and fat stores through the activation of PPAR.†
  • Inhibition of inflammatory cytokins, IL-6, and COX-2 specifically.†
Research Information:
      1. MCell Metab. 2011 Jun 8;13(6):627-38. mRNA expression signatures of human skeletal muscle atrophy identify a natural compound that increases muscle mass.
      2. Cancer Res 2003;63:4375-4383. Published online August 7, 2003. Shishir Shishodia, Sekhar Majumdar, Sanjeev Banerjee, et al. Metalloproteinase 9, and Cyclin D1 Down-Regulation of Cyclooxygenase 2, Matrix Kinase and p65 Phosphorylation : Correlation with by Carcinogenic Agents through Suppression of I kBa Ursolic Acid Inhibits Nuclear Factor-kB Activation Induced
      3. Bone. 2006 Dec;39(6):1331-42. Epub 2006 Aug 4. Dried plum prevents bone loss in a male osteoporosis model via IGF-I and the RANK pathway.
      4. European Journal of Sport Science, Volume 8, Issue 5, 2008, Muscle damage, inflammation, and recovery interventions during a 3-day basketball tournament
      5. Chronic stress, glucocorticoid receptor resistance, inflammation, and disease risk. Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 15213; bDepartment of Otolaryngology/ENT, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15224; cDepartment of Psychology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z4; Departments of Psychiatry and Pathology, University of Pittsburgh
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      13. Eur J Med Chem. 2008 Sep;43(9):1865-77. Evaluation of ursolic acid isolated from Ilex paraguariensis and derivatives on aromatase inhibition.

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        Novex Biotech Growth Factor-9 GF9 Serovital Not the Only Amino Acid that Increases Growth Hormone.

        Twitter: @helpYOUgetGAINS

        Get your bodybuilding stack at Piping Rock Supplements!

        There are lot's of options to increase growth hormone production. Serovital is an amino acid blend that has been all over the press lately but bodybuilder's have been maximizing there growth hormone production long before this blend was available. Others have mentioned that you want to look for an amino acid blend that contains GOAL (glycine, ornithine, arginine and lysine).

        The benefits of higher growth hormone levels are as follows:

        - Increases in Lean Body Mass
        - Increases in Bone Density 
        - Decreases in Adipose Tissue (Fat) Mass 
        - Increases in Skin Thickness 

        The below information was excerpted from Growth Hormone: Amino Acids as GH Secretagogues – A Review of the Literature.

        Amino AcidsStudy Results
        Intravenous OrnithineProduces a five-fold increase in serum growth hormone in humans.
        OrnithineIncreased serum growth hormone in bodybuilders, up to four times the baseline level.
        Arginine250 mg/kg/day of oral arginine aspartate given to five healthy subjects for seven days caused a 60% rise in GH during slow wave sleep compared to the control period.
        Arginine and OrnithineIn a double-blind study, adult males participating in a 5-week progressive strength-training program who consumed 2 grams of L-arginine and 1 gram of L-ornithine experienced significantly higher total strength and lean body mass scores and excreted less urinary hydroxyproline than placebo-treated subjects.
        Ornithine Alpha-ketoglutarate (OKG)Significantly increased IGF-1 and growth hormone levels in trauma patients. In healthy subject, OKG increased tissue levels of growth-hormone-releasing glutamine.
        Arginine and lysine1200 milligrams of arginine pyroglutamate combined with L-lysine hydrochloride significantly elevated biologically active growth hormone from two to eight times the baseline value in 15 healthy male subjects aged 15 to 20 years old.
        Arginine and lysine1,500 mg arginine and 1,500 mg lysine increased GH in young men only during resting conditions.
        GlycineIn 19 normal, non-obese subjects, 6.75 grams of glycine increased growth hormone levels up to 300 to 400 percent that of baseline.
        Glycine and L-arginineIncreased the subjects mean resistance to fatigue up to 28% over the controls during acute exhaustive high-intensity anaerobic isokinetic exercise and produced an overall gain in total muscle work of 10.5% more than controls.
        Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)A single oral dose of 5 grams of GABA administered to 19 subjects significantly elevated plasma growth hormone levels compared to placebo-treated controls.
        GlutamineTwo grams of oral glutamine resulted in elevated plasma growth hormone in 8 of 9 subjects tested.


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