Thursday, January 30, 2014

Triple Protein Breakfast Shake

¼ cup Milk

½ cup Liquid Egg Whites

1 pack Knox Gelatin

1 scoop Muscle Milk (casein and whey)

1 handful of spinach


Blend well.

Brooks Kubik Cardio Dinosaur Style

1. 3 Power Cleans

2. 3 Front Squats

3. 3 Push Presses or Jerks

Repeat until you are roasted.

Brooks Kubik Gray Hair and Black Iron

Monday, January 27, 2014

AST Sports Science Maximum Overload Training Principles - Sample Chest Day

  1. 4-6 reps per set. Increase weight if you exceed 6 reps.
  2. Train each body part once weekly.
  3. Use compound movement exercises.
  4. Low volume. 2 - 3 sets per exercise.
  5. Take 1 week off after every 8-10 weeks of training.
  6. Warm-up efficiently without inducing fatigue.
  7. Keep cardio short and intense (16-20 minutes in duration).
  8. If you perform cardio and weight training in the same session, do cardio after weights and not before.

For details sign up free at AST Sports Science for the Max-OT program

Sample Chest Day
Flat Bench Press2 sets4-6 reps (After warm-up)
Incline Bench Press2 sets4-6 reps
Weighted Dips2 sets4-6 reps

I need a joint......a joint support stack that is.

I've been doing 100 - 300 bodyweight squats daily for the past three weeks and my knees are feeling it. Good for me, I have a Muscle and Fitness subscription and they have Jim Stoppani.

SUPPLEMENT                   DOSE
Fish Oil     2-3 g with breakfast and dinner
Glucosamine  1,500-2,000 mg divided into 2-3 doses
Curcumin     200-500 mg 2-3 times per day
Chondroitin 800-l,500mg of chondroitin sulfate or chondroitin hydrochloride daily in two or three divided doses
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) l-2g with food once or twice per day

Source Citation (MLA 7th Edition)
Stoppani, Jim. "Joint juice; Protect your joints from the damage done by weightlifting with this robust supplement stack." Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness June 2008: 240.
Stoppani, Jim. "The Encyclopedia of Supplements A-F." Flex Dec. 2011: 196+.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Good Mood Equals Good Training Stack

DIMETHYLAMINO-ETHANOL (DMAE) 100-200 mg once or twice a day between meals.

VITAMIN D Take 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 twice per day with meals.

RHODIOLA ROSEA 100-1,000 mg per day in 2-3 doses, standardized to 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides, on an empty stomach.

Source Citation (MLA 7th Edition)
Elliott, Tabatha. "Stack of the month." Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness Jan. 2010: 210.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

My training for the next 12 weeks.

Monday - Wednesday - Friday
Bodyweight Squats

Suspension Trainer Rows

Suspension Trainer Chest Press

Suspension Trainer High Curls

Suspension Trainer Overhead Tricep Extensions

Tuesday - Thursday

Bodyweight Squats


Military Press

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

85 Year Old, Full Body Workout

David Barr's Anabolic Pump Protocol

The Anabolic Pump Protocol

1 Hour Pre-Workout

2mg/kg caffeine (beginner), 4mg/kg (intermediate), 6mg/kg (advanced)

10 Minutes Pre-Workout


35g Vitargo

250mg Vitamin C

Throughout The Day

250mg Vitamin C

4-6 Cups Green Tea

10-15g (high quality) Fish Oil

On Superhuman Radio David Barr also mentions Peak ATP as another good component.

PDF The Anabolic Pump Protocol

SHR # 1337 :: BEST OF :: Blood Flow Stimulation For Performance And Muscle Growth ::

Monday, January 20, 2014

Links to Creatine Study Articles on Ergo-Log

Creatine has a similar effect in your brain as in your muscles 25.12.2013
Creatine works better after strength training than before 18.12.2013
Creatine supplementation with Russian Tarragon instead of glucose: same increase in lean body mass, but much drier 23.07.2013
Creatine and protein-rich diet combination not dangerous for kidneys 05.07.2013
Creatine dissolved in water works a little better than powder form 12.06.2013
Strength training better for diabetes-2 when combined with creatine 06.06.2013
Strength training and creatine help ease osteoarthritis 24.05.2013
Judokas can manage just fine without creatine malate 12.05.2013
ATP-supplementation makes muscle cells thriftier with energy 01.05.2013
Creatine speeds up muscle recovery in endurance athletes 02.04.2013
Creatine reduces antioxidant levels in athletes 03.03.2013
Creatine plus HMB 01.09.2012
Soda-creatine combo keeps sprint times up to the mark 07.05.2012
Using creatine and glycerol to increase hydration helps endurance athletes in the heat 07.03.2012
Creatine and beta-alanine combined improve endurance capacity 15.02.2012
This is how the creatine-tarragon combo works 03.01.2012
Creatine users build more muscle mass with shorter rests 11.12.2011
Twenty grams of creatine makes you stronger; two grams of betaine doesn't 15.10.2011
Creatine improves swimmers' 50 m times 06.10.2011
Pure ATP supplement for more muscle power 09.08.2011
Fenugreek improves effect of creatine more than carbs 08.08.2011
Nothing wrong with DIY creatine drink 21.07.2011
Creatine-Q10 combination protects brain cells and lengthens lifespan: animal study 15.07.2011
Cell study suggests creatine might weaken natural resistance 11.07.2011
Creatine keeps strength athlete's arteries supple 07.03.2011
The combined effect of whey, creatine and glucose 02.02.2011
Creatine-caffeine combination works for all explosive sports 29.01.2011
Two grams creatine works, and it won't make you heavier 12.07.2010
Creatine worsens asthma 09.07.2010
Creatine makes bones stronger 15.03.2010
Creatine helps women cheer up – but not men 24.02.2010
How to combine creatine and caffeine – and how not to 19.02.2010
Creatine is myostatin blocker 06.02.2010
D-Pinitol adds nothing to creatine 03.12.2009
Effect of creatine visible after just five days 31.10.2009
How creatine lengthens your lifespan 20.10.2009
Creatine users have more DHT in their blood 29.09.2009
'Creatine Ethyl Ester can't work' 09.09.2009
Creatine pyruvate works better than creatine citrate 03.09.2009
PEGylated creatine is disappointing 11.05.2009
Creatine is pep pill for elderly 07.05.2009
Two years non-stop creatine without side effects 27.04.2009
Study: 'creatine ethyl ester doesn't work' 25.03.2009
Creatine keeps inactive muscle strength up 11.03.2009
Artichoke protects kidneys against creatine 14.01.2009
Muscle cells absorb more glucose with creatine 16.12.2008
Creatine makes kidneys healthier 03.12.2008
Bodybuilder gets jaundice from creatine and protein supplements 31.10.2008
More IGF-1 in muscle tissue with creatine 23.10.2008
Creatine works fine, even when it's hot 22.10.2008
Creatine extends lifespan of mice 08.10.2008
Not enough sleep? Creatine keeps you alert 28.08.2008

Jim Stoppani's Pre-JYM: Should You Cycle this Pre-Workout?

Full doses of 13 science-backed ingredients.

  • 6 grams of citrulline malate to promote better muscle endurance and bigger muscle pumps.*
  • 6 grams of BCAAs in the 2:1:1 ratio best for blunting muscle fatigue, boosting muscle performance, and increasing muscle growth.*
  • 2 grams of creatine HCL for greater strength, endurance, and muscle growth.*
  • 2 grams of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine to boost muscle power, strength, endurance, and muscle growth.*
  • 1.5 grams of betaine for greater power and strength during workouts.*
  • 600 milligrams of N-acetyl L-cysteine to blunt muscle fatigue and keep you training stronger, longer.*
  • 500 milligrams of betavulgaris L.(beet) extract to provide real nitric oxide donors for bigger pumps and better energy.*
  • 300 milligrams of caffeine to boost alertness and drive, increase muscle strength and endurance, during workouts for greater training intensity.*
  • 150 milligrams of AlphaSize® alpha-GPC for better drive, focus, and strength in the gym.*
  • 50 micrograms of huperzine A to increase mental focus and establish a stronger mind-muscle connection.*
  • 5 milligrams of BioPerine® to enhance absorption of the active ingredients in Pre JYM for even better results.*

  • Hung Like a Horse: Gamma Oryzanol, Can it add mass? With Dosage information

    I was curious about a product called Gamma-O. It is an expensive product given the lack of evidence of it's test boosting properties. What I did find is that it is included in some products to increase the size of race horses. I also found other anecdotal claims of the active ingredient, ferulic acid possibly being beneficial in mass gain.

    If you want to try it, it can be found in several products. I would choose the least expensive.

    Gamma Labs® Gamma-O™ Natural Testosterone Booster V2 Series

    Gamma Labs Gamma-O Liquid V2, 32 Fl. Oz.

    Gamma Oryzanol from Source Naturals

    Source Naturals Trans-Ferulic Acid

    Enzymatic Therapy Acid-Ease

    Only Natural For Men Only II

    Vitol Gorilla Nitro, 120 Tablets

    Universal Nutrition GH Max, 180 Tablets

    Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals IGF Blast, 180 Tablets

    Dosing according to

    The dosages of Gamma-oryzanol used are highly variable, with some studies using a lower dose (50mg once daily or 20mg thrice daily) and other studies using a markedly higher dosage (300-800mg daily). As there are no reliable benefits associated with Gamma-oryzanol supplementation in the first place, it is unsure what dosage should be recommended (if this supplement is to be recommended at all).

    Gamma Oryzanol on

    Deters, Tom. "Ferulic acid: gamma oryzanol's big brother." Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness Nov. 1989: 31+.

    "Nutritional alternative to pills and potions." Palaestra Winter 1994: 11+.

    Williams, Melvin. "Dietary Supplements and Sports Performance: Herbals." Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 3.1 (2006): 1+.

    "Muscle mass." Horse & Rider Mar. 2012: S20.

    Gamma Oryzanol on

    Ferulic acid improves performance over a period of consecutive days

    Bodybuilding supplement SARM-X contains ordinary ferulic acid

    Supplements of Yesteryear - Articles - MuscleTalk

    Cardio Fire Stack: Increase Endurance and Fat Burning. Rhodiola and Cordyceps

    Rhodiola 100-2,000 mg

    Cordyceps 200-3,000 mg 

    With breakfast. Start on the low end and ramp up overtime.

    Stoppani, Jim. "Three to grow on: these three anabolic supplements push muscle growth from a variety of angles." Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness Jan. 2007: 198+. Military and Intelligence Database Collection. Web. 20 Mar. 2013.

    "Terms of endurance: go longer and stronger with this stack." Flex June 2013: 128.

    Herbs can be effective additions to your muscle-building supplement regimen. Bucci, Luke. Thorpe, Mark. Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness. Dec2009, Vol. 70 Issue 12, p84-90. 6p. 3 Color Photographs, 4 Charts.

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    Power Up with Cordyceps. Altshul, Sara. Prevention, Oct2004, Vol. 56 Issue 10, p110-110, 1p, 1 Color Photograph

    Promising New Fat-Burner. J Shugarman, Alan E. Farrar, Maureen Meyersoe Weider's Muscle & Fitness; Feb2002, Vol. 63 Issue 2, p40, 1/4p, 1 Color Photograph

    Stoppani, Jim, and Eric Velazquez. "The perfect stack: in the field of human genetics, some are more equal than others. In this feature, M&F shows how, based on your bodytype, a personalized supplement program can help you reach your physique goal faster.(SUPPLEMENTS). ." Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness.  67.3 (March 2006): 140(5).

    Rhodiola compound boosts EPO production - Ergo-Log 07.06.2013
    Rhodiola rosea boosts heart muscle capacity in animal study 22.12.2012
    Rhodiola rosea helps weekend athletes cross the finish line more quickly 01.08.2012
    So that's how Rhodiola rosea works 19.01.2011
    Just one capsule of Rhodiola is enough to improve your stamina 05.08.2010
    Rhodiola rosea extends life in animal study 18.06.2010

    Sunday, January 19, 2014

    FitnessAngelo's Upper/Lower Split Workout

    Monday Upper(L):
    DB incline 4-6 x 6-10
    Horizontal row 2-3 x 6-10
    OHP 2-3 x 6-10
    Horizontal row: 2-3 x 12-15
    Flies 2-3 x 12-15
    Tricep ext 2-3 x 12-15
    Bicep curl 2-3 x 12-15

    Tuesday Lower (H)
    Squat 3-5 x 3-5
    Deadlift 3-5 x 3-5
    Leg curl 2-3 x 6-10
    Calve raises 4-6 x 6-10

    Thursday Upper (H)
    Bench 3-5 x 3-5
    Hor row 3-5 x 5-8
    Chest press 2-3 x 5-8
    Vertical row 2-3 x 8-12
    Lateral raise 2-3 x 8-12

    Friday Lower(L)
    Squat 4-6 x 8-12
    Single leg work 2-3 x 6-10
    Calve raises 4-6 x 6-10
    Leg press 2-3 x 12-15
    Calve raises 2-3 x 12-15
    Leg ext 2-3 x 12-15
    Leg curl 2-3 x 12-15

    Saturday Upper(L)
    Horizontal row 2x 4-6
    Horizontal row 2 x 10-15
    Vertical row 2 x 10-15

    L=light H=heavy
    OHP=overhead press



    Occlusion Training Video

    Friday, January 17, 2014

    Interesting testosterone booster found at @StrongSupps

    The below information is from the Strongsupplementshop . I have no affiliation with this site. 
    MyoTest Natural Post Test by Myopharma
    120 Capsules

    As males our body naturally produces Testosterone, BUT if you're an Alpha male like the guys here at Strong Supplement Shop, then you want MORE!

    MyoTest Natural by MyoPharma is a 2 in 1 product Natural Testosterone Booster and Aromatase Inhibitor.

    This advanced formula promotes increase of natural testosterone which allows for increase of lean muscle mass.

    Gain size and muscle with a 4 week cycle of MyoTest Natural by MyoPharma.

    The active ingredient in MyoTest is Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus is known to increase testosterone levels when broken down in the body.

    How does MyoTest Work?

    Myotest is a unique combination of anabolic compounds that have been demonstrated to safely increase natural test levels, while managing estrogen, and further using this dreaded enemy to your advantage. This was completely unheard of in the supplement or drug world! until now. Remember to get the most out of spiked testosterone levels, you also need to control estrogen. Fortunately with MyoTEST you've got this and four other exciting mechanisms covered.

    What are the Benefits of MyoTest Natural?

    -Increase Free Testosterone
    -Promotes Lean Mas
    -Manages Estrogen
    -Promotes Recovery


    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 4 Capsule
    Servings per container: 30
    Amounts per serving%DV
    Tribulus Terrestris (20%Protodioscin)750mg**
    Rhodiola Rosea (4% Rosavin)400mg**
    Avena Sariva 10:1500mg**
    20- Hydroxyecdysterone150mg**
    5-Methyl, 7 Methoxy Isoflavone250mg**
    Eurycoma Longifolia10mg**
    Epimedium (40% Icariin)100mg**
    Cinidium Monnier (10% Osthole)50mg**
    Zinc (from Monomethionine Aspartate)15mg**
    Magnesium (from Magnesium Aspartate)225mg**
    Vitamin B67.5mg**
    **(DV)Daily Value Not Established

    Thursday, January 16, 2014

    Best Unilateral Leg Exercises According to Bret Contreras

    Knee Dominant – Quad – pick one and do 2 sets.

              High Step Ups with Dumbbells

              Front-Squat Racked Forward Lunges

              Bulgarian Split Squats

              Pistol Squats


    Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts

    Single Leg Hip Thrust

    Single Leg Back Extension with Arms Prisoner Style

    Reverse Lunge with Bar in the Low Back Squat Position
    SHR # 1335 :: Unilateral Leg Training For Greater Gains And Strength PLUS Study Shows Exercise reduces Men's Risk Of Dementia And Chronic Disease :: PODCAST

    Beta-Alanine 101

    In the body, beta-alanine combines with another amino acid, histidine, to form carnosine. Muscles with higher levels of carnosine are more forceful and can provide superior strength, endurance leading to greater mass gains. Studies have shown that subjects taking beta-alanine with creatine gained more muscle and lost more fat than subjects taking just creatine.

    Take 2-3g with your pre-workout and post-workout shakes or split evenly with meals.

    Beta-Alanine works best with a loading phase starting with about 6 grams spread over two or three doses during the day for the first six days, and then progressing to the maintenance phase, taking in about 3 grams divided into three doses.

    Beta-Alanine works better if you take it with meals 21.05.2013
    When is it worth taking beta-alanine? 25.03.2012
    Creatine and beta-alanine combined improve endurance capacity 15.02.2012
    How beta-alanine can extend your life expectancy 27.01.2012
    Animal study: carnosine slows down tumour growth 25.01.2012
    Beta-alanine improves stamina in over-sixties 23.01.2012
    Slow beta-alanine: works better and without the pincushion effect 21.01.2012
    Beta-Alanine helps against anxiety 26.10.2011
    Beta-Alanine effective for weeks after end of course 17.10.2011
    Small amount of beta-alanine also works 12.10.2011
    Beta-Alanine helps wrestlers lose fat and gain muscle 16.09.2011
    Live longer – take carnosine 04.08.2011
    Carnosine extends lifespan in animal study 10.11.2010
    Sprint a tiny bit faster and do a few more reps with beta-alanine 19.07.2010
    Beta-Alanine makes interval training more effective 11.07.2010
    Beta-Alanine boosts aging muscles 20.05.2009
    Beta-Alanine for a faster final sprint 29.03.2009

    Wednesday, January 15, 2014

    Getting "The Pump" without Spending $50 on the latest Pre-Workout

    Arnold and that famous pump quote from Pumping Iron. Arnold was not taking a pre-workout with nitric oxide promoting aminos. The pump came from the diet and the workout. The old school bodybuilders ate low carb most of the week and then did a huge carb day that contributed to the "pump".

    Big Pump Stack

    Take 1 hour before training

    Whey              20 – 40 grams

    Table Sugar   1 – 4 tablespoons 
    (dextrose or high molecular weight carb are better)

    Arnold Schwarzenegger on the pump: "It's as satisfying to me as, uh, coming is, you know? As, ah, having sex with a woman and coming. And so can you believe how much I am in heaven? I am like, uh, getting the feeling of coming in a gym, I'm getting the feeling of coming at home, I'm getting the feeling of coming backstage when I pump up, when I pose in front of 5,000 people, I get the same feeling, so I am coming day and night. I mean, it's terrific. Right? So you know, I am in heaven."

    Hear is an example of a pump producing workout written by Mike O'Hearn. The last exercise for each body part is the pump set.

    "Every guy loves to train arms, and every guy-at one time or another-has been stymied by the two biggest arm-training pitfalls: 1) using high reps instead of heavy weight, and 2) thinking a good pump equals a good workout.

    When I first started out, I was guilty of both. I've since learned that heavy weight is the surest path to muscle growth, and that a pump, in and of itself, is useless without muscle stress."  Mike O'Hearn

    EXERCISE                 SETS     REPS
    STRAIGHT-BAR CURL          4       6
    DB ALTERNATING CURL        4       8
    PREACHER CURL              4       12
    EXERCISE                 SETS     REPS
    CLOSE-GRIP BENCH PRESS     4       6
    TATE PRESS                 4       8
    ROPE PUSHDOWN              4       12

    Source Citation (MLA 7th Edition)

    O'Hearn, Mike. "Armed to the teeth: build massive, powerful pipes with this brief, heavy routine." Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness Jan. 2014: 44.
    Pumping Iron (Movie)

    Stimulant Free Slimming Stack

    This stack can be added to your favorite high stimulant fat burner or taken alone.

    EGCG 282 mg

    Resveratrol 200 mg

    Grape Seed Extract 25 mg

    Slimming supplement containing ECGC, resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract shown to work in human study

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014

    A-Rod's List of Alleged PED's

    Last Sunday, 60 Minutes interviewed Anthony Bosch whose Biogenesis clinic is at the center of the sports doping scandal. He gave an interesting peek into what he alleges he gave A-Rod to enhance his performance. Below is what I could gather from the interview.

    Testosterone Troche sublingual 1 – 3 mg before games

    Human Growth Hormone (HGH) mornings

    GHRP-2 peptides - evenings

    GHRP-6 peptides - evenings

    CJC-1295 peptides Monday and Friday at noon

    Testosterone Cream

    DHEA daily

    Pregnenolone daily

    Clomiphen – 10 day protocol  

    Interesting stuff. We will see how it shakes out in the future as A-Rod has filed a law suit in response.

    Watch the interview on 60 Minutes on The Case of Alex Rodriguez. USA, LLC
    Aggressive Strength Natural Testosterone Booster

    Testosterone Therapy - Royal Men's Medical Center
    Great Service and Price - Tell them Michael Henry referred you.
    — #HelpYouGetGAINS (@helpYOUgetGAINS) September 26, 2017

    Monday, January 13, 2014

    The Best Natural Testosterone Booster in the Supplement Store

    Ask your grandpa what he takes for his ballooning prostate or an old timer for a natural allergy treatment and they are likely to say stinging nettles. Tim Ferriss puts it on his pizza but our interest is in adding muscle. To add muscle testosterone has to be free flowing and ready to entry muscle.

    That’s where this South American herb shines. Stinging Nettle aka urtica dioica aka divanil frees testosterone from a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Testosterone has to be free in order to interact with androgen receptors in muscle tissue.

    It’s probably your safest bet to increase testosterone with maybe the exception of diet and exercise. It is also very inexpensive.

    Try 100-500mg  2-3 times per day on an empty stomach for 8 weeks before taking a 2 - 4 week break.

    10 Supps You Never Thought Of. Jackson, Dwayne. Stoppani, Jim.  Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness. May2007, Vol. 68 Issue 5, p129-132. 4p. 1 Color Photograph, 2 Charts.

    Gonzalez, Adam. "Testosterone in all its forms: consider trying a range of these testosterone-boosting supplements." Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness Dec. 2013: 118+.

    Stoppani, Jim. "T-up: 5 ways to boost your testosterone level." Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness Apr. 2012: 86.