Thursday, April 28, 2016

May 2016 Workout: Cardio Acceleration

Did a few workouts in April where I did a circuit of stair machine, strength exercise and repeat. I thought it felt really good so I am going to do this for May. My warm-up will be a Tabata. As I did last month, biceps and triceps work to be done on lunch or evenings.

The above photo is my 90 day weight status.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2 Examples of Weight Lifting Tempo

3-1-1-0 or 3110

For example, a front squat with a tempo of 3-1-1-0:

Take 3 seconds to lower yourself into the squat.
Take 1 second to pause in the bottom position.
Take 1 second to come back up to standing
Then 0 seconds to descend again.

3-1-1 or 311

For example, a front squat with a tempo of 3-1-1: 

Take 3 seconds to lower yourself into the squat.
Take 1 second to pause in the bottom position.
Take 1 second to come back up to standing

Friday, April 22, 2016

Low Carb Intra or Post-Workout Recovery Stack

5 – 10 grams BCAA 2:1:1 (or at least 4 grams leucine)
5 – 10 grams Glutamine
2  grams Taurine
1 gram Glycine
1 gram Lysine
1 capsule tart cherry
1 capsule ginger

Monday, April 18, 2016

Prosupps L-Leucine Matrix 250: Contains Leucine, HMB and HICA at an excellent price.
Prosupps L-Leucine Matrix 250
Contains Leucine, HMB and HICA at an excellent price.

Currently scoring a 9.1/10 on

Leucine metabolite HMB stimulates the synthesis of cholesterol in the muscle cells, inhibits cortisol and activates the classic anabolic signal molecule mTOR.

Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, or HMB, has been shown to benefit muscle recovery and growth at just 3 grams per day.  It has been suggested that for fat loss, a trainee should take 1.5 to 3g of HMB three or four times per day, preferably on an empty stomach (between meals) or prior to exercise.

For muscle growth and strength gains, beginning lifters can take 3g per day; experienced lifters need up to 12g daily in two or three divided doses. This could become an extremely expensive proposition for most folks as HMB is a costly supplement.

HICA or alpha-hydroxy-isocaproic acid or leucic acid is also a by-product of the branched-chain amino acid leucine. HICA works by inhibiting muscle breakdown through its ability to block the action of catabolic enzymes known as metalloproteinases. With less muscle breakdown, muscle growth is enhanced. Research studies done on athletes show that HICA can increase muscle growth even when the athletes were overtraining. Studies have shown that taking 500mg of HICA three times per day with meals was quite beneficial for mass gain.

On workout days take one dose of HICA with your pre-workout shake and another with your post-workout shake.

Fortunately for you, I found a product that contains leucine, HMB and HICA in a synergistic formula that is bound to get you the gains you want.

Prosupps L-Leucine Matrix 250

250 Grams Unflavored
Supplement Facts
Serving Size1Scoop(5g)
Servings Per Container50

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*

L-Leucine 3000mg* **
Calcium HMB (Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate) 1500mg* **
HICA (Hydroxyisocaproate Calcium Salt) 500mg* **

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
** Daily Value not established

Directions For L-Leucine Matrix 250: As a dietary supplement, consume one scoop with water pre, intra or post workout.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Recommended Rep Range by Muscle Group

Low Reps
6 - 10
High Reps
20 – 30
High Reps
20 - 30
Low Reps
6 - 10
High Reps
20 – 30
Mid Upper Back
Low Reps
6 - 10
High Reps
15 - 20
Med Reps
8 - 12

Testosterone Therapy - Royal Men's Medical Center 
Great Service and Price - Tell them Michael Henry referred you.

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