Friday, October 31, 2014

My new 3-day training split starting November 3, 2014

Here’s my new training split. Tuesday and Wednesday will be the long avoided cardio workouts.

Monday – Chest and Triceps
Chest Flyes 5x20
Bench Press 5x5
Incline Bench Press 5x10
Pressdowns 3x20
Overhead Extensions 2x20

Wednesday – Back and Biceps
Cable Rows 3x20
Lat Pulldowns 3x10
HS Low Rows 2x10
HS Pulldowns 2x10
Bent-Over Rows 2x10
Preacher Curls 3x20

Friday – Legs and Shoulders
Leg Press 3x20
Leg Extension 3x20
Leg Curls 4x10
Face Pulls 4x10
Cable Lateral Raises 1x35
Overhead Press 2x20
Shrugs 3x10