Thursday, August 9, 2018

I Plan to Experiment with a Detox Fast Program

Intermittent Fasting (6 hour eating window)

Hypo caloric diet within the eating window. 20 to 35 fewer calories that your basal metabolic need.

St John’s Wort if you are not on prescribed medications.

Use activated charcoal to help remove bile with contaminants.

Use sodium bicarbonate in tiny amounts with plenty of water.

Drink honey bush or rooibos tea.

Steady State Cardio


More Information:

SHR # 2217 :: How Cells Deal With Environmental Toxins ::
Click the appropriate button below if you want to do the Walsh Detoxification Protocol (Patients) or learn the Walsh Detoxification Method (Practitioners).

The Walsh Detoxification Program - Dr. Mercola

4 days ago - Dr. Bryan Walsh is a naturopathic physician extensively trained in molecular biological pathways. In this interview, we discuss detoxification ...
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During hypocaloric diet-induced weight loss approximately 20–30% of mass lost is lean mass (LM) [1], increasing dietary protein is one method which has been demonstrated to attenuate skeletal muscle atrophy in a hypocaloric state [35].