Friday, January 11, 2019

Ergo-Log Links to Brad Schoenfeld Study Summaries: Bodybuilding - Muscle Building Best Practices

Whether they train by doing full body workouts or split schemes, bodybuilders make progress – but the progress they make by doing full body workouts is probably just a teeny weeny bit more. That's the message from a study that the American sports scientists Brad Schoenfeld has published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

"The findings suggest a potentially superior hypertrophic benefit to higher weekly resistance training frequencies", concluded Schoenfeld.
J Strength Cond Res. 2015 Jul;29(7):1821-9. training.html
Oct 7, 2017 ... Schoenfeld tracked down 15 studies in which participants had done exclusively concentric or exclusively eccentric strength training. training.html strength.html
Jun 30, 2015 ... But if your aim is strength gain, high reps resistance training is less suitable. Study Schoenfeld did an experiment with 18 young men, who had ... strength.html
Jan 13, 2015 ... In his study, which was published in Sports Biomechanics, Schoenfeld attached electrodes to 19 subjects' washboard muscles [rectus ... their-muscle-groups.html
Aug 29, 2016 ... As far as American sports scientist Brad Schoenfeld can tell from the literature, bodybuilders and fitness fanatics make more progression by ... their-muscle-groups.html better-than-1-min-rest.html
Jun 26, 2016 ... Schoenfeld divided 21 male students, all of whom had been doing free-weight training for at least six months, into two groups. Both groups ... better-than-1-min-rest.html html
Apr 7, 2018 ... ... the eccentric and the concentric parts of your reps are equally important, according to a meta-study published by The Brad Schoenfeld. html
Mar 6, 2015 ... Schoenfeld got 10 male students, all of whom had been doing weight training for a while, to perform stiff-legged deadlifts and leg curls while he ...
Mar 1, 2013 ... Brad Schoenfeld of Lehman College in New York made a study of this, and the results have been published in the Journal of Strength and ... -athletes-than-for-beginners.html
Jan 17, 2015 ... Brad Schoenfeld recently published a meta-study J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2013 Dec 3;10(1):53. in which it emerged that for strength athletes the ...