Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Ergo-Log Studies on the Benefits of Fish Oil & Omega-3 Fatty Acids

New omega-3 analog sn1-DHA-LPC improves memory 17.01.2019
Older than 60? Supplementation with fish oil, Ginkgo and B vitamins protects your brain 12.01.2019
Fish oil capsules reduce aggression within six weeks 09.01.2019
N-3 fatty acids increase chance of successful aging 21.10.2018
Daily dose of 3 grams of krill oil makes bodybuilders gain more muscle11.07.2018
Optimal cardiovascular health requires both omega-3 fatty acids from plants and fish 31.01.2018
Animal study: anti-cancer effect EPA and DHA 8 times greater than that of ALA 28.01.2018
Alpha-linolenic acid, the broad-spectrum breast cancer cell slayer07.01.2018
Omega-3 fatty acids extend your life span 04.01.2018
Omega-3 fatty acids give hemodialysis patients more muscle 02.01.2018
Old, frail and ill? EPA may keep you alive 31.12.2017
Fish oil supplements enhance insulin sensitivity 30.12.2017
Supplementation with DHA extends sleep by three quarters of an hour24.11.2017
How omega-3 fatty acids protect your brain 18.10.2017

Salmon, mackerel and other oily fish improve post-breast cancer chances26.07.2017
Optimal fish oil dose depends on body weight 14.06.2017
Fish oil helps over 65s' muscles respond better to strength training02.06.2017
Fish oil reduces rheumatoid arthritis joint pain 24.05.2017
How fish oil can protect you against air pollution 17.05.2017
Fish oil for heart failure 03.04.2017
Omega-3 fatty acids more effective when taken with lecithin 19.02.2017
Fish oil from algae protects cardiovascular system too 18.02.2017
Fish only offers protection against heart attacks if you eat walnuts too03.02.2017
Mild depression disappears after taking fish oil for three weeks 15.11.2016
One capsule of fish oil daily lowers cortisol levels 08.11.2016
Diet with enough alpha-linolenic acid protects against dementia 10.08.2016
Krill oil supplementation: big boost to HDL and lower LDL 08.08.2016
Diet rich in omega-6 fatty acids stimulates psychoses 14.07.2016
Fish oil supplement can make you fitter, slimmer and more muscular05.02.2016
Krill oil combats PMS 25.10.2015
Fish oil protects for up to seven years against psychoses 09.10.2015
Fish oil supplementation makes over 60s more muscled and stronger23.07.2015
Combination of B vitamins and fish oil reduces age-related brain atrophy21.07.2015
Green lip mussel extract reduces damage to muscles after extreme exertion04.04.2015
Omega 3 fatty acids reduce cancer mortality 04.02.2015
Combination of physical exercise and fish oil makes you cleverer17.07.2014
DHA combined with exercise protects brain against knocks 06.07.2014
Meta-study: only fish oil with high amounts of EPA effective antidepressant22.03.2014
Daily capsule of phosphatidylserine-DHA-complex improves memory in over 60s 16.03.2014
Fish oil can help bad acne 14.02.2014
Fish oil increases insulin sensitivity only when combined with exercise10.02.2014
Krill oil makes you more intelligent and prevents depression 18.01.2014
Fish protects heart against stress 01.06.2013
Fish oil with high EPA stimulates muscle building 06.04.2013
Fish oil helps athletes' immune system to fight cancer cells 30.01.2013
Growth hormone deficiency in boxers 20.11.2012
Fish oil makes life more difficult for cancer secondaries 26.08.2012
Your body burns more calories after a meal with fish oil 06.03.2012
Seniors who take fish oil supplements react better to strength training20.02.2012
Supplement helps hyperactive children to focus 28.12.2011
Less pain with fish oil 13.08.2011
Fish oil helps aging mice live longer 02.07.2011
Fish oil for boxers 30.06.2011
Study: ethyl ester omega-3 works less well than cheap fish oil 21.02.2011
Fish oil boosts muscle growth in elderly 11.01.2011
Fish oil reduces mental stress 21.11.2010
Six weeks of fish oil: lose a pound of fat and gain a pound of lean body mass 12.11.2010
Why it's okay to take fish oil capsules at the same time as a protein shake04.11.2010
The joint anabolic effect of EPA and HMB 27.10.2010
Fish oil capsules protect against breast cancer 21.08.2010
Fish oil helps stop the man with the hammer 21.05.2010
Medical study: protein builds more muscle mass with fish oil 10.05.2010
Fish oil could halve chance of hay fever 08.03.2010
Fish oil capsules prevent psychoses 11.02.2010
Human study: omega-3 fatty acids delay molecular ageing 08.02.2010
Fish oil lengthens life in animal study 07.02.2010
Fish fatty acids reduce age-related physical performance decline 24.10.2009
Heavily taxed heart beats more slowly with fish oil 28.05.2009
Test tube study: fish oil is anti-estrogenic 13.05.2009
More fish fatty acids, more IGF-1 01.04.2009
Into sunbathing? Fish oil protects your skin 10.03.2009
Fish fatty acids keep prostate cancer under control 28.11.2008
How fish oil can help bodybuilders gain muscle mass 02.11.2008
Fish oil capsules reduce fat rolls 01.11.2008