Thursday, March 7, 2019

More Muscle for Me with HMB

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HMB: a myostatin inhibitor available from your supplements supplier 01.12.2014
Old-fashioned calcium HMB works better than HMB Free Acid, says rival 29.10.2014
HMB inhibits muscle atrophy by corticosteroids 11.10.2014
You'll get fitter if you use HMB Free Acid with your high-intensity interval training 28.05.2014
Twelve weeks' training with HMB Free Acid: 7 kg lean body mass gain, 5 kg fat loss 07.04.2014
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Build 9 kg more lean body mass with HMB-ATP combo 21.07.2013
HMB protects muscle mass during bed rest 07.04.2013
HMB Free Acid has immediate effect 31.03.2013
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HMB only works well after a loading phase 08.10.2012
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HMB has virtually no effect, says meta study 06.08.2009