Monday, August 27, 2012

ATP Good for Me: More Energy, More Endurance and More Muscle Gains with Peak ATP


Adenosine triphosphate is a major energy source for every cell in the body. Taking the supplemental form increases blood levels of ATP, which in turn increases blood flow to muscles. ATP also has been reported to reduce fat storage, burn stored fat and increase one-rep max after just 14 days.

The recommended dosage is typically 125-250mg twice daily on an empty stomach.

Follow the directions on the product you select.

It's called Swanson Ultra Peak ATP.

The Swanson Ultra Peak ATP delivers 125mg per capsule.

I found another interesting product on by I found is a powder called BioEnergy Ribose with Peak ATP 309 gms by Progressive Labs. This product contains another "old man" favorite of mine D-Ribose (more on this later). It's expensive but speaking from experience the combo of D-Ribose and Peak ATP is a energy bomb! I weight trained and did cardio all on the same morning only stopping to go to work.

The D-Ribose products I've tried in the past were by Now Foods and Jarrow.

Power Up!