Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Can a Cream Get My Abs to Return? The Quest to Find a Topical Fat Burner

Ab-Solution Plus Topical Ab Solution Fat Loss Formula (8oz) 

Well, we will see. I just received Ab-Solution Plus today from netnutri. They had the best price I could find on this product.

I found only two products that met the ingredients requirements for a topical fatburner.

Ab-Solution Plus by Vyotech
Celluthin by Celluthin

I first came across this concept in a article in Muscle and Fitness magazine in 2006. Muscle and Fitness often will publish information about promising supplements long before they appear on the market and this was one of those instances. I then figured that maybe I would try it after reading about Tim Ferriss' experiences with a similiar product in the 4-Hour Body.

The article and book both highlighted promising ingredients to look for in a topical fat burner and these products all contain one or more of them.

The below information was taken directly from the Muscle and Fitness article Ah! There's the Rub by Len Davis and Jim Stoppani.

» YOHIMBINE Yohimbine increases blood flow to fat tissue and stimulates fat-burning. Topical formulas can have synergistic effects when used with oral fat-burners, increasing the delivery of these ingredients to the target area. A human trial found that yohimbine alone or in combination with other fat-burners decreased fat stores when applied to the skin. Topical yohimbine may also allow more fat-burning hormones to reach the target area.
» FORSKOLIN Forskolin comes from the herb coleus forskohlii, a traditional Indian herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. It also plays an important role in fat-burning within fat cells. Oral forskolin supplements have been shown to reduce bodyfat while boosting testosterone levels. Topical forskolin creams have also helped study subjects lose subcutaneous fat when used consistently for four weeks.
» AMINOPHYLLINE Aminophylline decreases the activity of enzymes that inhibit fat-burning within fat cells. Studies show that topical creams containing aminophylline can reduce fat levels directly beneath the skin. When combined with topical ingredients that increase fat-burning through different mechanisms, aminophylline has been shown to be even more effective at decreasing fat stores.
» CAFFEINE Caffeine is probably the most clinically studied and most commonly used oral supplement for fatburning. A study as far back as 1979 found that caffeine is also well absorbed through the skin, as evidenced by increased urine levels of caffeine after topical administration in humans. Because of caffeine's high permeation through the skin, it's used medically in certain conditions for increasing delivery of caffeine in the body. Topical caffeine applications also increase blood flow -- important for burning fat since limited blood flow can be a limiting factor in fat usage.

My starting abdominal measurement is 41 inches (around the navel). While over the past few years my pants waist has gone from 46 inches to 34 inches, my abdominal area has not budged in a year.

Wish me luck!

Aminophylline gel reduces belly fat

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