Monday, June 10, 2013

Omega Sports Burn24 - The Best New Fat Burner to Get You Ripped

Why Is It The More Fat You Have, The Harder It Is To Lose It?

Discover why the more fat you gain, the more a natural phenomenon called Insulin "Super" Resistance prevents you from burning that fat away for good. It's shocking, yet very few industry experts are "in the know" about this phenomenon.

Insulin "Super" Resistance can shatter your efforts to lose weight and burn that unsightly body fat. Not only does this condition work against you, it sabotages your ability to burn fat even when you're doing everything right!

You see, when you eat, your body releases insulin, a hormone that drives nutrients into muscle and fat cells. And when insulin is released, your body can't burn fat. Diminished response to insulin leads to a full-throttle thermogenic shutdown, switching your body's metabolism into a perpetual "storage mode" leaving you ferociously hungry, while storing every calorie you consume. Sounds like the perfect storm for excessive weight gain, right? Thankfully, this is where Omega Sports' Burn24 can help…

Introducing Burn24

Think of Burn24 as a reset button, helping to stop the "insulin insanity" so you can restore a normal insulin response. By improving the sensitivity and reducing the amount of insulin your body needs to work right, you can "Burn" fat 24 hours a day, rather than "store" fat, 24/7.

Improved Insulin Sensitivity

Burn24 helps significantly improve insulin sensitivity. It works by helping your muscle cells more efficiently absorb the nutrients you eat, thereby reducing the amount of insulin your body needs to produce. Put two and two together and that equals better fat burning and greater appetite control.

Strategic Nutrient Repartitioning

Burn24 helps keep insulin sensitivity low on fat cells, too. It prevents insulin from storing glucose as body fat, and helps move nutrients into muscle cells and AWAY from fat cells. In addition, Burn24 helps inhibit the formation of new fat cells, as well.

Burns Fat Without Stimulants

If stimulants were all you needed to lose weight, you'd be ripped already. That's why Burn24 has zero added stimulants. Burn24 increases the fat burning actions of naturally occurring hormones in the body, and moves fatty acids into muscles for use as fuel. This creates a much safer, more efficient thermogenic effect.

FACT: Did You Know Quality Is Key For Effectiveness?

Use of inferior ingredient grades and poor quality testing for key constituents can make an otherwise clinically proven ingredient completely worthless.

The Powerful Ingredients in Burn24

Burn24 brings you the highest quality ingredients sourced directly from the leaders in quality control. At Omega Sports, we're committed to providing our fans with the highest quality ingredients available today. Ingredients that have been standardized for the greatest degree of active constituents, and verified using the latest technology in purity and potency verification.

GCBfit™ Green Coffee Bean Extract (Standardized for 50% chlorogenic acids)

Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE) is clinically proven to significantly reduce body fat, including visceral fat (belly fat). GCBE also helps decrease gluconeogenesis, the process of turning non-carbohydrate foods, such as protein, into sugar. That means even on a low carb/high protein diet, a greater percentage of the protein you eat may be turned into glucose and then stored as MORE FAT -- thankfully GCBE combats this.

Burn24 uses only the highest quality and widely researched extract of Green Coffee Bean Extract called GCBfit™, which contains the maximum active ingredient extracted to 50% chlorogenic acids. Don't settle for inferior grades of GCBE…If it doesn't say GCBfit™ you're not getting the best!


Bergenin is a very exciting compound because it makes it incredibly difficult for your body to create, and store, more fat. Yes, Bergenin significantly and effectively opposes the fat storing effects of insulin. It also inhibits your body's ability to convert glucose into body fat. In other words, Bergenin significantly reduces insulin's ability to pack on more fat when you're trying to lose it! Another reason Bergenin is so important is it improves the fat burning actions of norepinephrine and adrenocorticotrophic hormone - two key fat loss hormones in your body.

GS4 Plus® (Gymnema Sylvestra standardized to 75% Gymnemic Acids)

Burn24 contains GS4 Plus®, the purest, most potent and highest quality Gymnema Sylvestra extract on the market today. Gymnema is widely documented to help improve insulin production and release from pancreatic beta cells. By adding Gymnema to the formula, the goal is to help your body produce more insulin in response to meals. Insulin when you need it, not when you don't. And with Bergenin effectively opposing insulin's fat storing ability, more of the insulin produced will be driving more of the nutrients you eat straight into your muscle cells. But in order to take advantage of the improved insulin production, you need more insulin receptors on the muscle cell surface. And our next ingredient was added to do just that.

Berberine HCl

Berberine HCl is fantastic for improving insulin sensitivity where you need it most. It works by increasing the number of insulin receptors. When this happens, a complex sequence of biochemical reactions in the cell is initiated. This brings more GLUT-4 transporter proteins to the cell surface. And activating more GLUT-4 proteins is crucial. You see, GLUT-4 transporter proteins are like giant vacuums. When you bring more GLUT-4 to the cell surface, they soak up loads of glucose and aminos into your muscles. And this is the key to delivering nutrients where you want them to go - your muscles and not your belly! For anyone combating insulin "super" resistance, this is a welcome benefit, as GLUT-4 receptors are greatly reduced on insulin desensitized cells. Lastly, Berberine has been shown to help prevent the formation of new fat cells, too.

Momordica Charantia Extract (Standardized for Charantin)

This unique herbal extract is extremely interesting. Not only does it increase insulin levels and the sensitivity to insulin, it stimulates the synthesis and release of thyroid hormones and adiponectin. Adiponectin is a protein in humans that is encoded at the genetic level to regulate glucose and facilitate the breakdown of fat. Additionally, Momordica Charantia also increases AMPk which transports glucose and fatty acids to your cells to burn off as energy, rather than storing it as body fat. Maybe the most intriguing effect of Momordica is its ability to increase not only glucose uptake by muscle cells, but also amino-acids. This means increased anabolism and protein synthesis. Bottom Line: Not only does this active ingredient assist in burning more fat, but also feeds your muscles to increase lean muscle tissue to help sculpt and shred you up.

ActiCissus® (Cissus Quadrangularis standardized for 10% Ketosterones)

Burn24 brings you the richest quality Cissus Quadrangularis extract on the market today - ActiCissus® - sourced directly from the prestigious Sabinsa Corporation. Experienced Cissus users know that Cissus Quadrandularis is a fantastic joint aid - great for anyone doing intense cardio to lose weight. But experienced Cissus users also know that Cissus can improve body composition, too. Now we know why! Recent studies show Cissus Quadrangularis can bring about significant reductions in body weight and blood glucose levels. In addition, it can help promote the formation of new lean muscle tissue, too - great for improving metabolism. This makes ActiCissus® a great, multi-faceted component in the Burn24 formula.


In the world of sports supplements, proper absorption is everything, for it's the key to receiving the full benefits of any ingredient. That's why Burn24 contains Bioperine®. Bioperine® is a standardized extract, and is derived from the fruit of Piper nigrum L (black pepper) and Piper longum L (long pepper). In clinical studies, Bioperine® has proven to help significantly enhance bioavailability by improving the absorption of various nutrients. As with ActiCissus®, we source our Bioperine® directly from the Sabinsa Corporation, so you can rest assured that you're receiving only the highest quality, clinically proven black pepper extract on the market today.

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