Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Product Review: The new Cellucor G4 Chrome C4 is a must try pre-workout #CellucorNation

I first want to thank Cory and Cellucor for giving me the opportunity to try
this product. I normally am not a fan of the condensed pre-workout formulas but
this product is a winner. My standard approach to pre-workouts is a caffeine pill,
creatine, protein and citrulline malate. This is a far better use of my time.

The product mixes well. I typically just put a scoop in a cup and swirl it around.

The taste was pretty good. Pre-workouts aren't typically tasty drinks.

The energy and focus is where it shines. The Teacor addition is awesome. Clean energy
that lasts the entire workout.

My strength during the workout was great. I could get through deadlifts, leg presses,
bench presses and rows in the same workout.

Good pump and as much vascularity as a I can have at my current fat level.

The formula is where it shines. At least for a condensed pre-workout.
Creatine Nitrate
Arginine AKG
Velvet Bean
TeaCor™ Tetramethyluric acid (Theacrine)

The TeaCor seems to be the ingredient that puts this pre-workout over the top.

Mixability (10/10)
Taste (8-9/10)
Energy and Focus (10/10)
Strength (9/10)
Pumps (8/10)
Vascularity (7/10)
Formula (8/10)

The telling thing about my experience with this product is the fact that I would actually
purchase this product.

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