Thursday, September 13, 2018

MTS Vasky is a Major Bodybuilding Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide Pump Enhancer

From the manufacturer:


The body uses the amino acid arginine to fuel nitric oxide production.
For years, it was believed that supplementing with free from
L-Arginine would increase blood levels of the amino acid, leading to
improved NO production and greater pumps. Unfortunately, arginine
carries with it an extremely poor bioavailability, rendering it essentially
useless for increasing NO production.
Enter Nitrosigine, a “enhanced” form of arginine where the amino acid is
bonded to silicate. Developed by Nutrition 21, Nitrosigine has been shown
to elevate NO levels within 30 minutes of ingestion and keep levels elevated
for up to six hours.[6] With daily usage, Nitrosigine builds up your baseline
NO levels and keeps them elevated for up to 14 days![7]
Vasky includes the clinically backed dose of 1.5g of Nitrosigine, which has
been shown to increase energy levels, muscle pumps, and recovery.[8]


Hydration is a critical component of optimal performance in and out
of the gym. When adequately hydrated, you’re mentally and
physically on top of your game. When you’re not, fatigue, both
mentally and physically, rapidly set in.
That’s where HydroMax comes in. Pioneered by Glanbia Nutritionals,
HydroMax is a high yield form of glycerol supplying 65% glycerol
by mass. Glycerol transforms your muscles into ultra-absorbent
sponges that allows them to soak up extra water, creating a state
of “hyperhydration.” This creates massive cellular swelling, which
aside from improved performance, makes for some pretty sick
“water-based” pumps as well.[4,5]


Found in vast quantities in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles,
taurine is a semi conditional that provides multiple benefits to the
hard-training athlete. First and foremost, taurine functions as a cell
volumizer[1], encouraging your muscles to absorb extra water, which
leads to improved hydration, stamina, and muscle fullness.[2] Since
taurine is also present in the brain, it can enhance focus and reduce
brain fatigue[3], helping you stay in the zone no matter how long
you’re in the gym.

   Vitamin C

    An essential water-soluble vitamin, Vitamin C is most commonly associated
    with fighting the common cold. You might be surprised to learn it’s also a
    valuable performance enhancer and nitric oxide booster. Research
    has shown that the popular vitamin enhances nitric oxide synthesis,
    helping you look my vasky. On top of that, Vitamin C can also reduce
    fatigue and the rate of perceived exertion during exercise.[11]