Monday, February 18, 2019

600 Rep Nightmare Workout for Size and Strength

You have 6 exercises to perform - you’ll complete 100 reps for each one of them.

Aim to use a weight that is 30% of your 1 rep max for all weighted exercises.

You will start by performing as many reps as possible. When you need to rest - the number of reps left of the 100 you must perform - is the amount of seconds you have to rest.

For example, if you get 20 reps on the first set, you’ll have 80 seconds to rest before going again (100-20), and by the time you reach say you’re 88th rep, that means you only have 12 seconds to rest before going at it again. This means the closer you get to finishing the 100 reps, the shorter your rest period gets - that’s the challenge.

Focus on pushing yourself through that burn and finishing this workout as quickly as you can while maintaining excellent form.

By including this type of training into your program every few weeks - you’ll improve your anaerobic capacity - which will carry over, allowing for greater increases in strength and power.

Perform the exercises in order and complete all the prescribed reps of the first exercise before moving on to the next. Once you complete all 6 exercises you’re done!

Exercise #1: Barbell Deadlift - 100 Reps

Brace your core, back straight, load the hamstrings and glutes, then explode up and control the weight back down. Always remember form! Especially as you begin to fatigue towards the end.

Exercise #2: Bodyweight Box Jump - 100 Reps

Grab a box or platform just under knee height. Keep the knees bent and explode up with full-body momentum and agility - cushion your landings with soft knees but remember to keep your knees in line with your toes, don’t let them cave in.

Exercise #3: Lat Pulldown - 100 Reps

Retract the shoulders, engage the lats and think pulling with your elbows, not your arms - this will keep the tension on your back where you want it, rather than your biceps. Some body english is fine to keep the weight moving here but don’t lean way back, only enough to pass the bar in front of your face - we’re performing a pulldown here, not a row!

Exercise #4: Barbell Strict Overhead Press - 100 Reps

Keep the core braced tight, squeeze the glutes and drive the weight directly overhead. Keep the form strict here and don’t get sloppy as you fatigue - when you need to rest, rest. Then get right back at it when your rest time is up.

Exercise #5: Weighted Goblet Squat - 100 Reps

Hold a dumbbell, kettlebell or plate at your chest, squat down as deep as you can driving your knees outside your elbows and explode up through the heels keeping your core braced tight the entire time.

Exercise #6: Bodyweight Push Up - 100 Reps

Finally we’re going to finish off with push-ups. This is where grit and true character shine through - when your heart has to take over and push you through to the finish while your body wants to quit. Keep your body straight like a board, no dropping or lowering the hips, push through and finish strong!

And that’s it! You survived!

Be sure to get some quality protein and carbs in you to recover from that brutal full body beat-down, and give yourself a pat on the back for pushing through and getting shit done.

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As always - Keep Training Hard!
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