Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why Protein and Creatine Helps You Put Size On. Here's the Whey.

These are the two staples for anyone looking to put on some serious muscle mass. Hands down the top two. I don't care what anyone says about test boosters, growth hormone seratogues or any other supplement.

The only other things you need are weights, rest and diet, diet, diet.

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Why Protein? Why Whey?

You have to be in a anabolic state to build muscle. Once you've stressed the muscle sufficiently through progressive weight training, you have to rebuild the muscle. And whey has the highest biological value of any protein source. Whey also has the highest leucine content. See my posts "Leucine is King" for more on this amino acid.

Whey digests fast. Within two hours it's digested and then the bloodstream is filled with leucine. This kicks off what's called the mTOR pathway. That is the Mammalian Target of Rapamycin mechanism which signals the body to increase protein synthesis. Protein synthesis means MORE MUSCLE.

It seems that the perfect amount is 20 grams unless you've just worked out then 40 grams seems to really take muscle building into overdrive.

While any protein source post-workout will bring results, we are only interested in the most effective means and that means whey.

Why Creatine?

Study after study and bro science aficionados all agree that creatine helps you build slabs of muscle. While I love whey....if I could only buy one would be creatine. It's inexpensive and provides the biggest bang for the buck.

Creatine is made from the three aminos arginine, glycine, and methionine. It works on new lifters as well as seasoned lifters.

You get the energy for explosive energy from a chemical known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Creatine helps the body regenerate ATP allowing you to keep pushing up weight. This is simplified but I'm no doctor. Just some dude with a blog.

Creatine supplementation also helps pull fluid into the muscle which expands the muscle and gives it its fullness.

More muscle, more strength, faster recovery and more explosive power are all results creatine supplementation.

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