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Methoxy Isoflavone 500 mg x 180 Capsules, Proven Muscle Builder, MASSIVE 6 Month Supply

Methoxy Isoflavone 500mg x 180 Capsules, Proven Muscle Builder, MASSIVE 6 Month Supply

From the manufacturer

·     REDUCE CORTISOL LEVELS - Methoxy Isoflavone can reduce cortisol levels which lowers muscle breakdown and can enhance lean mass growth.
·     MAXIMIZE EACH TRAINING SESSION - Most athletes diets are not rich enough to include all the Methoxy Isoflavone necessary to maximize the results of each training session so supplementation is needed to get the full effect of each workout.
·     PREVENT BONE DETERIORATION - Studies show that Methoxy Isoflavone helps decrease bone loss and supports stronger bones and bone health.
·     MADE IN THE USA - All of our products are produced in-house and GMP & ISO certified facilities. Methoxy Isoflavone offers higher purity which leads to increased absorption rate.

What is Methoxy Isoflavone?
Methoxy Isoflavone from Sports Food™ is made from methoxyisoflavone, a powerful anti-catabolic compound that significantly reduces cortisol production. It is a member of the flavonoids (isoflavones) family found in soybeans and other soy foods. Methoxy Isoflavone is also a derivative of ipriflavone, a strong antioxidant shown to offset free radicals caused by prlonged periods of intense physical activity.

How will Methoxy Isoflavone help me reach my fitness goals?
Methoxy Isoflavone is essential for growth, recovery and repair of muscle tissue. With its fast acting protein synthesis capabilities, it enables your body to construct and reconstruct muscle mass that would have otherwise gone to waste. The average person obtains only very small amounts of Methoxy Isoflavone in his or her diet and therefore sports nutritionists recommend supplementing to receive its muscle building and recovering benefits.

How does Methoxy Isoflavone work?
Studies show Methoxy Isoflavone’s ability to lower cortisol levels can have a profound effect on aiding the building of lean muscle mass while halting cellular breakdown in the body during recovery periods. Researchers discovered that not only does 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone and 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone increase lean mass, but that it also reduces body fat, maintains healthy cholesterol levels, promotes endurance, and increases the body’s ability to use oxygen.

The Sports Food promise
Sports Food manufactures in house or sources its products from the best suppliers in the world. Each bottle undergoes stringent quality control and testing to ensure you get the purest and best quality product available anywhere.

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