Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Are you suffering from hip pain? Tennis elbow? Recovering after a torn meniscus? Try WODFitters Floss Bands

When you purchase the WODFitters Floss Bands today, you can decrease the chances of injury, enhance your movement efficiency and increase your performance with compression tack and flossing. The WODFitters Floss bands improve movement range, restore joint mechanics, and release previously injured tissue while performing the actual athletic movement you are trying to improve.

Thousands of athletes rave about this great mobility technique.

What separates the WODFitters Floss Bands from the competitors? It's simple really. It starts with the highest quality materials that are super sturdy and last for a long time. They are specifically formulated to encourage blood flow, increase the circulation and warm up the muscles. They help relieving pain, accelerating recovery, promoting flexibility and increasing the range of motion.

Choose from 2 compression sizes. The black band measures .051" Thick x 2" Wide x 7' Long and provides regular compression. The red band is thicker and measures .060" Thick x 2" Wide x 7' Long. This provides more compression and is better suited in difficult areas like the high hips. This band is also great for larger athletes like powerlifters and strongmen when more compression is needed.


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