Monday, October 8, 2018

Silk Amino Acids

Silk amino acids have been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years and now the western world bodybuilding has jumped on board.

Silk amino acids or SAA are comprised of primarly of 5 short chain proteins in the below proportions.

Predominant composition of silk amino acids (by weight*)

•L-Alanine (34.36%)

•Glycine (27.23%)

•L-Serine (9.58%)

•L-Valine (3.49%)

•L-Threonine (2.00%)

•[*SAAs contains other amino acids but only those representing >2.00% are listed due to their greater relevance]

^ Shin S, Park D, Yeon S et al. Stamina-enhancing effects of silk preparations in mice. Lab Anim Res 2009;25:127–34.

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The reported benefits are as follows.

A recent animal study, found that when exercising mice were given three different doses of silk amino acids for 44 days, the mice experienced:

Improved exercise performance
SAA fed mice exercised more than twice as long as mice not fed SAAs (28 minutes vs 13 minutes)
In terms of absolute improvement in exercise performance, SAAs produced improvements that were six times greater than that seen with just exercise (18 minute increase compared to 3 minute increase)
Eliminated the increase in blood lactate levels (which were significantly increased with just exercise)
Eliminated the increase in muscle oxidation (which was also significantly increased with just exercise)
Maintained blood glucose levels (vs being significantly lowered in exercising mice)
Increased muscle glycogen and liver glycogen (compared to exercise alone)
Increased testosterone levels (64% increase vs 36% reduction in exercise group; in absolute terms, blood testosterone levels that were 2.6 times higher in SAAs group compared to exercise group)
Reduced cortisol (140% increase in cortisol in exercising group while no significant increase was seen when SAAs were given)
Increased anabolic ratio (4-fold higher anabolic ratio; ie, the testosterone to cortisol ratio compared to mice not receiving any)
Increased muscle size (16% increase with high-dose)

Other effects of silk amino acids (SAAs) or silk protein hydrolysates include regulating the immune system, lowering muscle and liver damage, as well as having anti-tumor, and anti-viral effects.

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