Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tired of feeling tired all of the time? It is time to unleash the power of real energy!

When was the last time you woke up energetic and ready to crush it? Do you need a cup or several cups of strong coffee to get going and keep going? Do you rely on so called energy drinks in a desperate attempt to seize the day? Taking stimulants for the illusion of energy is like having to jump start your car every morning. Just as a properly functioning car will start with ease, you should be naturally energetic after a full night of sleep and shouldn’t need fake energy to take charge of your day.
Far too many people are sleep deprived and rely on stimulants to function daily. Over time the adrenals become taxed and over worked and you subsequently crash hard. Abusing stimulants is like abusing credit cards. you may get what you want now, but payback is brutal! Every time you rely on stimulants for the illusion of energy, you deplete your natural energy reserves further. A much more effective approach is to improve adrenal health and real energy production.
Now is the time to strengthen the adrenals, improve real brain and body energy, and enhance restoration. Enter RED which stands for real energy dominator! RED contains the most potent ingredients to improve energy, enhance stress management, accelerate recuperation, and boost mood. Additional benefits include an increase in libido, improved focus, and enhanced fat loss. 
Let’s take a closer look at each ingredient in RED so you know exactly why you should add RED to your regimen today.

Rhodiola Rosea

No adrenal energy supplement would be complete without the one and only adaptogenic herb Rhodiola Rosea. An adaptogen is a substance that strengthens the response to physical, mental, and emotional stresses. Rhodiola gets the job done and increases energy, adrenal support, and workout performance big time!
Key benefits of Rhodiola Rosea include:
  • Helps balance the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Battles depression
  • Lowers anxiety
  • Improves exercise performance
  • Supports fat loss
  • Increases mental focus and alleviates brain fog
  • Helps with caffeine withdrawal
  • Protects neurons from oxidative stress
  • Activates the synthesis and re-synthesis of the main energy source ATP
  • Boosts sex drive and function
  • Assists with workout recovery and restoration
  • Supports muscle protein synthesis and anabolism
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels which is key in stable energy levels
  • Improves thyroid function for improved metabolism and hormonal health
  • Reduces inflammation and c-reactive protein levels
The Rhodiola in RED is standardized to have a minimum of 3% total rosavins and minimum 1% salidrosides which is the exact standardization used in all of the studies.

PRIMAVIE® Shilajit

Shilajit has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years and is a powerful plant loaded with fulvic and humic acids which both energize cells. Shilajit is also highly regarded for its rejuvenation properties as well. It pushes oxygen and nutrients into the cells and supports antioxidant activity.
In India, Shilajit is often referred to as the destroyer of weakness! It is a powerful natural energy supplement and an important addition to a well balanced adrenal energy supplement
Shilajit key benefits:
  • Is an adaptogen and stress fighter
  • Boosts production of our main source of energy: ATP
  • Helps rejuvenate tired cells so you have more energy
  • Augments acetylcholine levels for improved memory
  • Improves dopamine levels for more drive and focus
  • Boosts mood and is a natural anti-depressant
  • Supports brain health
  • Increases fertility
  • Supports testosterone levels in men
  • Improves immunity
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Supports healthy blood pressure and heart health
  • Improves blood sugar levels
  • Increases detoxification
  • Enhances utilization of CoQ10
  • Helps reduce LDL cholesterol levels
Just like Rhodiolia, Shilajit is a great stand alone adrenal energizer but when combined with Rhodiola and the other ingredients in RED is a powerful one of a kind formula which will boost natural energy all day.
To ensure, you’re taking the best shilajit option on the market, RED contains PRIMAVIE® which is a HIGH QUALITY Purified Shilajit, a product from the pristine HIMALAYAS, with EFFICACY and SAFETY substantiated by human CLINICAL STUDIES as well as toxicological studies on the ACTUAL ingredient itself.

MACA (20:1 Extract) 

The Peruvian powerhouse plant Maca is the third ingredient in RED and similar to Rhodiola Rosea and Shilajit, it is a powerful adaptogen andthe Maca in RED is a 20:1 extract which by far is the most powerful Maca on the market. If you have enjoyed the benefits of Maca in the past, you're going to really love this extract! Some of the key benefits of Maca include: 
  • Improves pituitary gland health to support hormone balance
  • Enhances thyroid health
  • Improves fertility
  • Nourishes the adrenals and lowers stress hormones
  • Ramps up libido in men and women
  • Increases sperm production
  • Alleviates PMS and PCOS symptoms
  • Immune system enhancer
  • Lifts mood
  • Boosts stamina
  • Sharpens focus
  • Supports estrogen control
  • Encourages healthy blood sugar levels
  • Potent antioxidant that increases glutathione levels
  • Assists healthy cholesterol levels
  • Promotes prostate health by suppressing prostate hypertrophy

Sensoril® Ashwagandha

The final ingredient in RED is Sensoril® which is a potent brand of the powerful Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha. Sensoril® has a standardization level of a minimum of 10% glycowithanolide bioactives. No other form of Ashwagandha possesses such high levels of bioactives because these levels of potency are protected under United States patents.
One of the crucial components of improving adrenal health and boosting real energy is addressing excess cortisol levels.
Sensoril® was evaluated in a 60 day, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial involving 98 subjects. Subjects taking Sensoril® experienced significant improvements (compared to a placebo group) in their level of overall stress, anxiety, irritability, level of fatigue, concentration, memory, and sleeplessness. These subjects also showed improved biomarkers which support healthy cardiovascular function, healthy inflammation response, and blood sugar levels already within the normal range. Study subjects showed statistically significant decreases in cortisol and increases in DHEA.
DHEA protects testosterone from the harmful effects of cortisol and optimal DHEA levels are a very important part of adrenal health.
Sensoril® helps promote emotional well-being, increased resistance to fatigue and tension while boosting energy levels, and enhanced mental clarity and concentration.* Sensoril® also helps promote healthy cardiovascular function, resistance to stress-induced overeating for healthy weight management, and more restful sleep.* In addition, Sensoril® helps support blood sugar levels which are already within the normal range.*