Thursday, December 14, 2017

Orotic Acid for Muscle Growth and Faster Recovery

From the manufacturer:

Regarded as an effective sports supplement, Orotic Acid (OA) is a pyrimidinecarboxylic acid typically used as a mineral carrier in order to increase bioavailability. On its own, OA is supplemented to enhance athletic performance, promoting muscle growth and faster recovery. For maximum results in the gym, OA is frequently stacked with Creatine to boost power production.

Stack with Essential Amino Acids or Whey, Ecdysterone, Taurine, Betaine and Glycine for a better recovery boost. Take all as directed.

Further Reading (Pros/Cons):

Orotic Acid - Articles : Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.

If not, that's because you will genuinely only see some of its salts, such as creatine orotate, or tri-creatine orotate. This is simply creatine bound to orotic acid.

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Orotic Acid: The Sexiest Sports Nutrition Nutrient ... -
by J Rodrigues - ‎Related articles
However the take home message of course remains the fact that orotic acid WORKS! Other studies from back in the early 60's give evidence of other functional effects based on animal models including accelerated skeletal muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth) following supplemental orotic acid [1, 2].

Orotic acid - Wikipedia

Orotic acid is a heterocyclic compound and an acid; it is also known as pyrimidinecarboxylic acid. Historically it was believed to be part of the vitamin B complex ...