Saturday, December 30, 2017

SKLZ Super Sandbag - Performance Training

DEVELOP EXPLOSIVE POWER. Use this multipurpose tool to work both your upper and lower body in countless training exercises. Develop all over strength, maximum power, and explosiveness with the SKLZ Super Sandbag Heavy Duty Training Bag.

DURABLE OUTER SHELL. These weighted sand bags are made for the roughest and toughest drills. With a secure zipper closure, and Velcro reinforcements you can be confident that these training bags won’t break or bust.

EASY TO GRIP HANDLES. Multiple handles allow for versatility and flexibility in your workout. The easy to access handgrips allow you to find force, power, and stability in your movement without distraction.

REMOVABLE WEIGHT BAGS. With four smaller removable weight bags, you can vary the weight from 10-40lbs. Adjust your workout to match your desired intensity for all your endurance drills and exercises.

INVEST IN YOUR STRENGTH. Investing in sports equipment means investing in your training and athletic goals. Use the SKLZ Super Sandbags to develop your power and explosiveness as you build strength throughout your body.