Friday, July 25, 2014

The weeks pre-workout rankings. BodyTech Tech X, Fit Club P.W.O., Top Secret Cardio Igniter

Day 1 - Push Day (19 sets) - Vitaminshoppe BodyTech Tech X Pre-Effect. Good workout but did not blow me away. Would be perfect with maybe another 100 mg of caffeine. Maybe if I do 1 1/2 scoops.

Day 2 - Pull Day (25 sets) - Fit Club P.W.O. and Jet Alert Caffeine 300 mg - Clean energy from start to finish and on to work.  Good mood and strength in the gym. No crash. P.W.O has an excellent formula that can be taken pre- and post-workout since it is stimulant free.

Day 3 - Push Day (20 sets)  - Top Secret Cardio Igniter - Good workout with no crash.

Day 4 - Pull Day (10 sets) - No pre-workout due to evening workout.

The rankings

1) P.W.O (25 sets) with Jet-Alert Caffeine 300 mg

2) BodyTech Tech X Pre-Effect (19 sets)

3) Top Secret Cardio Igniter (20 sets)