Friday, July 11, 2014

This weeks pre-workout rankings. Arnold Iron Pump, PhD Wired, Jet Alert Caffeine

Day 1 - Push Day (19 sets) - Jet Alert Caffeine - good energy and a low price. ***

Day 2 - Pull Day (20 sets) - Arnold Iron Pump - Clean energy from start to finish and on to work. Great taste and a super ingredient profile. Good mood and strength in the gym. No crash.

Day 3 - Leg Day (7 sets) - PhD Wired - slow start good energy and plenty of gas in the tank after an abbreviated workout.

*** stacked with Purus Labs Noxygen.

The rankings

1) Arnold Iron Pump (20 sets)

2) Jet Alert Caffeine (19 sets)

3) PhD Wired (7 sets)

I had to rank them but I would buy them all.