Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Boost Your Pre-Workout Stack

Most pre-workouts today are void of clinical doses of muscle building ingredients. If you are taking a pre-workout from a tiny container with a proprietary blend, you may want to give it a boost to get some series gains rolling.

Hydrolyzed Whey                       5 - 10 grams
Citrulline Malate                         3 – 6 grams
L-Carnitine                                 1 – 3 grams
L-Leucine                                   3 – 4 grams
Creatine Monohydrate                2 – 5 grams
Purus Labs NOxygen                  1 scoop

PES High Volume or Betancourt Pump’D are other options instead of NOxygen

If you are taking any of the below pre-workouts there is no need to add anything except maybe the whey and NOxygen.

Jym Pre-Jym
Nutrex Outlift

MusclePharm Wreckage

If you are taking any of the below pre-workouts, review the supplement facts and see what is needed.

Legion Pulse
Vitaminshoppe BodyTech Tech-X
Smartpowders Totalis
Conqu3r Demigod Edition
Haleo Vinci
Citidel Nutrition Tier 1
VPX Friction
Momentum Nutrition Catalyst
ON Gold Standard Pre-workout
Allmax Nutrition Razor 8
Gaspari Superpump 3.0
Met-Rx Nuclear X