Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Garcinia Cambogia Results for Round 3 - No Success This Time - Only 2 pounds lost.

Round 1 I lost 16 pounds. Round 2 I lost 10 pounds.

Round 3: I only lost 2 pounds. Disappointing but I won't give up trying. Stay tuned for round 4.

The below list of benefits reported:

        Inhibits production of fat.

Increases serotonin levels resulting in less carbohydrate cravings.

        Appetite suppression.

        Cortisol management.

        Increase in lean muscle mass.

        Decrease in fat mass.

        Decreased total cholesterol.

        Increase HDL cholesterol.

Positive influence on leptin resistance and insulin resistance.

Effect on body is supposed to work up to 2 hours after a meal.

How to take:

        Potassium and/or calcium increases absorption.

Take 1,500-3,000mg per day. Maximum short-term up to 6,000mg

        Look for a minimum 50% HCA

Take 30 to 60 minutes before eating or it will bind to the meal and will not work.

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Vitamin Shoppe Garcinia Cambogia 
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 CAPSULES
Servings Per Container 45.000000

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Chromium(As Amino Acid Chelate) 200 Mcg 167%
*Daily value not established
Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate.