Thursday, February 4, 2016

Vince Gironda: The Ten Commandments of the Bodybuilding Diet

Question: DEAR VINCE:

Back in the May 1992 issue of Muscle Mag International, I wrote a question to "Ask Bob" regarding what he thought were the very best training tips out of the literally hundreds mentioned in his book Reps! In addition, Dr. Dardens "100 High Intensity Ways to Improve Your Bodybuilding". His reply was surprising and shocking but it has sure saved me a lot of time reading through all the bodybuilding books on training.

That got me to thinking. There are nearly as many books on nutrition for the bodybuilder as there are ones on training. I don’t want to bother Mr. Kennedy with my question, because I have heard that in addition to publishing his books and magazines he is busy trying to make a million dollars by opening 3 new Muscle Mag outlets. Mr. Gironda, with a heartfelt sincerity I ask what in your valued opinion would be the top ten nutritional tips of this decade or any other for that matter. Morrie Zimmer Anchorage, AK

Answer: DEAR MORRIE: Here is what I personally consider to be the ten commandments of the bodybuilding diet.

1. Never mix protein fat, and carbohydrates at the same meal. They do not digest in the same medium.

2. Cut out all food and diet drinks containing salt or sodium nitrates. Sodium retains excess water in the tissues and subcutaneous fat.

3. Stay away from or eliminate refined sugar.

4. Do not drink water during workouts or with meals Water is a weight gaining substance

5. Fats are desirable and combined with protein help emulsify bodyfat and provide energy

6. Half and half cream contains almost no carbohydrates and provides much desired bodybuilding nutrition. Throw away skim milk and homogenized milk.

7. Eggs are the best source of inexpensive protein. Use the best – fertile eggs.

8. Carbohydrates mixed with protein turn to fat. Carbohydrates only turn to fat. Start counting grams of carbohydrates. Forget counting calories.

9. Stress or hyperactivity will not allow you to digest food properly, destroying muscle tissue. Eat slowly and put energy into your life.

10. Cigarette smoking will cause restriction of the capillary system you are trying to build, making muscle gains difficult.

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