Thursday, April 11, 2013

You must try Tera's Whey products. They are rBGH-free, organic whey or goat whey.

These products, whether they be rBGH-free, organic, or goat, are made from:

·   fresh whey sourced from the heartland of Wisconsin - direct from the small, artisan cheese makers.

·   natural flavors that we selected for their taste and healthful functionality - high antioxidant superfruits, real fair trade dark cocoa, and real natural vanilla.

·   low glycemic index stevia or an unsweetened, plain option.

unique products. we were the first manufacturing plant in the U.S. to concentrate organic cow and hormone-free goat proteins:

·   organic whey: offers an alternative to conventional products for people who are concerned about chemicals in their environment and bodies.

·   goat whey: contains the same high level of protein as our cow whey proteins and is a valuable alternative for people who cannot tolerate cow dairy products.

·   rBGH-free (hormone-free) whey: provides a source-identified, hormone-free protein concentrate option.