Wednesday, May 22, 2013

#Roids Gone Wrong from Ergo-Log

Giant swelling in bodybuilder's liver 24.03.2013

Overdose of Melanotan-II causes muscle breakdown 14.03.2013

Steroids use masked TB in bodybuilder 21.02.2013

Synthol demolishes muscle tissue 24.01.2013

Liver cancer from anabolic steroids 29.09.2012

High dose of Lasix paralyses bodybuilder 22.12.2011

Quad full of pus 30.10.2011

Diabetes from taking trenbolone? 22.07.2011

This is what 15 mg dbol a day does to your sperm 18.07.2011

Bodybuilder's hormones still off balance three years after last cycle 14.07.2011

Chemical bodybuilder wakes up after weeks in coma 10.05.2011

Sesame oil injections cause fatty lumps in your pecs 05.02.2011

Confused lung doctors think primobolan is bad for lungs 03.09.2010

Cold sore makes injecting steroids riskier 24.08.2010

Case study: steroids zits made worse by roaccutane 26.07.2010

Testosterone too dangerous for older men – trial stopped 21.07.2010

Lancet: link between prostate cancer and steroids in bodybuilder 25.06.2010

Single dose of triptorelin gets bodybuilder's hormones going again 22.06.2010

Steroids + no training = worthless muscles 03.05.2010

Needle swelling in bodybuilders misleads doctors 18.01.2010

Mysterious death of scared steroids user 16.11.2009

Four percent of bodybuilders go off the rails on 600 mg testosterone cypionate a week 10.09.2009

Anabolic steroids almost kill bodybuilder pro during operation 19.06.2009

Dinitrocresol, the dreaded brother of killer drug DNP 10.06.2009

Steroids lead to lopsided face 24.05.2009

Testosterone supplement causes aggressive prostate cancer 16.04.2009

Bodybuilding champion undergoes heart transplant 11.04.2009

More damaged livers from superdrol and madol 14.03.2009

Bloody cysts in the lungs cost bodybuilder his life 13.03.2009

Deca-use may hide tuberculosis 13.02.2009

Bodybuilder's muscle withers after site injection of stanozolol 05.02.2009

Ephedrine and steroid mix proved fatal for fitness champion 19.01.2009

Ursodeoxycholic acid restores anabolic liver 18.12.2008

Testosterone doesn’t make everyone a jerk 17.12.2008

Nolvadex may be as dangerous as DES hormone for female bodybuilders 14.12.2008

Recovery from mild nandrolone use takes six months 13.12.2008

Blood clots in cerebral membrane 12.12.2008

Prohormone 19NorDiol is an estrogen 08.12.2008

Too much growth hormone reduces life expectancy 07.11.2008

Bodybuilder gets jaundice from creatine and protein supplements 31.10.2008

Bodybuilder on hCG almost loses last testicle 30.10.2008

Death by Naposim 15.10.2008

Myostatin blockers destroy tendons 06.10.2008

Competitive bodybuilder became diabetic 16.09.2008

Bodybuilder drugs his liver to oblivion – twice 03.09.2008

DNP overdose kills bodybuilder 29.08.2008

Extreme acne scars chemical bodybuilder (21) for life 25.08.2008