Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Huge Arm Superset by @TroyShred

Huge Arm Superset
6 – 8  rep range / rest 15 seconds between supersets and  1 minute superset group
Superset 1: X-body alternate dumbbell curls and straight arm barbell curls
Superset 2: Close grip spider curls and close grip ez bar curls
Superset 3: Dumbbell incline curls and dumbbell concentration curls
Superset 4: Lying cable curls and standing cable curls
Superset 1: Cable pressdowns and rope pressdowns
Superset 2: Triangle push-ups and bench dips
Superset 3: Close grip bench press and seated double dumbbell kickbacks
Superset 4: lying dumbbell skull crushers drop sets