Friday, February 9, 2018

DIOXYME M.P.O (Muscle Protein Optimizer) BEST Physician Formulated Pre-Workout

From the Manufacturer

Muscle Protein Optimizer


Every dose of MPO taken will result in improved muscular performance during high intensity exercise. Athletes who rely on pure power will see improvements in strength, work load, and muscle intensity. MPO’s ingredients work synergistically to increase intramuscular energy (ATP, CP, NADH, FADH2) and, mTOR while neutralizing performance robbing intracellular acid, and creating an intramuscular milieu that promotes muscle recovery.

MPO is not just for pushing more weight in the gym, the organic synergy of its ingredients produce ergogenic benefit and improved endurance in both aerobic and anaerobic based athletes. Thus the modern athlete will not only find huge gains during training, they will also see significant improvements in endurance and recovery during competitive events such as track, football, basketball, hockey, boxing, mma, ocr, crossfit, and triathlon.

Nutritional science proves that non-banned supplements at the proper dose can significantly aid athletic performance. As such, our product formulations are rooted solely in scientific principles, and are designed with the goal of maximizing human potential.

At DIOXYME, we strive to provide top-shelf products to help athletes achieve more. Our team consists of physicians educated in human physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology, as well as published researchers who work alongside professional athletes at the highest levels.

We pledge to put the athlete first, and to only provide premiere supplements that work. Find out why our athletes are reaching new heights after they experience THE DIOXYME ADVANTAGE.