Friday, June 13, 2014

This Weeks Pre-Workout Rankings - ABB, BSN, AEN

Day 1 - Leg Day - ABB N.O. Speed Stack - slow start but finished strong. Good taste and no crash.

Day 2 - Push Day - BSN NO-Xplode RTD - good workout. No crash. Energy throughout.

Day 3 - Pull Day - AEN Presurge Unleashed - Good Energy. I felt like I could keep going. No crash.

Day 4 - Arms - MuscleMeds NO Bull XT

All were stacked with Purus Labs Noxygen.

The rankings

1) MuscleMeds NO Bull XT

2) AEN Presurge Unleashed

3) BSN NO-Xplode

4) ABB N.O. Speed Stack

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