Monday, September 18, 2017

Freeze the Fat Off with The Cold Shoulder Unisex Pro Vest

From the manufacturer

The Cold Shoulder makes weight loss easy. You don't need excercise, surgery or pills to help lose weight! This evidence-based weight loss device is designed to activate your body’s thermogenesis engine using comfortable, mild cold exposure that can help you burn calories while you’re sitting down at rest at home, at work, or in the car!

The Cold Shoulder Vest uses the technology of cold exposure to help accelerate your body's ability to burn calories.CryoMAX “Points of Cold” Technology is uniquely configured not as a solid block of frozen liquid, that others suggest using gloves to handle!!; but as small, rounded, frozen water-filled capsules arranged in rows and separated by space in which a non-toxic, non-freezing formula allows for body-conforming applications making Cold Shoulder vests more comfortable to wear and efficient in creating mild cold exposure, known as thermogenesis over longer periods, helping you shed more calories.

Does it Work?

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand that too much cold exposure - such as, say, floating in the North Atlantic after the Titanic sank - can extract so many calories so quickly that it can kill you. On the other hand, mild cold exposure is perfectly healthy, and has been studied by scientists for decades as a way to burn calories. For example, Olympic swimmers burn many more calories per day than other Olympic athletes, and it has nothing to do with the exercise. It’s the water. They spend their day in water that’s 20 degrees (F) below their body temperature, and this temperature difference makes them burn way more calories than the exercise alone.  Using this science, The Cold Shoulder vest accelerates calorie burning in an easy and comfortable way that won't harm your body.

Traditional "slab" cold packs used by competitors are hard and uncomfortable to wear and just trap heat next to the body, which shortens their usefulness and doesn't create true thermogenesis.

Unlike competitors, Cold Shoulder's exclusive CryoMAX patented “Points-of-Cold” Technology distributes cooling evenly in rows of frozen liquid separated by non-freezing channels; placed in special pockets in the vest so heat is drawn out and away from the body as blood flows freely through area which is not frozen, the body responds by utilizing energy to maintain body temperature creating thermogenisis.

How it Works: The Points of Cold

Start by wearing the system for only 5-10 minutes a day, then slowly increase the duration you wear it each day. Wearing a shirt underneath the vest may actually help with weight loss and is always recommended.