Friday, September 22, 2017

WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band, Stretch Resistance Band

WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band, Stretch Resistance Band - Mobility Band - Powerlifting Bands - Extra Durable and Top Rated Pull-Up Assist Bands - with eGuide - SINGLE BAND or SET

100% Rubber Latex Resistance Band Set

Set of 4 Bands: 
#1 Red - 10 to 35 Pounds 1/2", 
#2 Black - 30 to 60 Pounds 3/4", 
#3 Purple - 40 to 80 Pounds 1.25" and 
#4 Green - 50 to 125 Pounds 1.75"

The WODFitters resistance bands add that extra bit of resistance to your workout that not only forces your body to perform better but ultimately provides lasting results. These bands are perfect for men and women learning pull ups, chin ups, ring dips and muscle ups. They are ideal to develop muscle memory and get you to do those kipping pull ups and strict pull ups in no time. They can also be used for a challenging power-lifting session.

Many people buy more than one pull up band and combine the resistance bands for most efficient training. Combining bands gives you 3 levels of assistance - one with the thicker band, one with the thinner band, and one with both bands. This allows you to do sets where you start with the thicker band and then add the thinner band to squeeze out a few additional reps. As your strength gradually increases, you can switch from double bands to the thicker band and then the thinner band alone.

Each band is 41" long. They are great for traveling and are easy to transport.

Whether you are just starting out with pull ups or you are an athlete working on regaining or enhancing your strength, the WODFitters resistance band will help you take your pull up and chin up training to the next level. Try this mobility band for 60 days. If during this time you don't love it or don't feel it was worth every penny of your investment today, we give you your full payment back. No questions asked! We offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee!