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SuppVersity Excerpt: Daily 7-Minute Workouts Shed 2kg Body Fat and ~3 c...

SuppVersity - Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone: Daily 7-Minute Workouts Shed 2kg Body Fat and ~3 c...: It's absolutely possible to incorporate bars and everything else that happens to workout-compatible into your workouts. I am not sur...

participants had to follow the same workout prescription for 6 weeks. That's 6
weeks of 7 workouts à 7 minutes per week - 6x49 minutes of exercise per week,
294 minutes for the whole study (Mattar 2017); all workouts with the same
following exercise sequence:

Figure 1: Overview of the exercise sequence the subjects had to perform daily for 7 weeks.

Jumping jack
Wall sit
Abdominal crunch
Step-up onto chair
Triceps dip on chair
High knees run in place
Push-up and rotation
Side plank

This workout
is identical to the 12-station HICT program Klika et al. (2013) suggested back
in the day. A workout of which they write that...all exercises can be done with
body weight and are easily implementable in any setting (e.g., home, office,
hotel room, etc.) and the exercise order allows for a total body exercise to
significantly increase the heart rate with the lower, upper, and core exercises
maintaining the heart rate while developing strength.

As suggested
by Klika et al., all exercises were performed for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds
of transition time between bouts. Accordingly, the total time for the entire
circuit workout was in fact approximately 7 minutes, when the circuit was
repeated 2 to 3 times.
Bottom line:
Considering the fact that time and access to facility constraints are the #1
obstacles to regular exercise even for people who are generally willing to work
out, the high-intensity circuit training that was previously described by Klika
et al (2013) and adopted in normal-weight, healthy individuals by Mattar et al.
(2017), recently, seems ideal.
For an
investment of only 7 minutes per day, this workout delivers numerous health
benefits and that in less time than more traditionally recommended programs
which usually require extra-equipment or endless hours of 'cardio'.

In the long
run, however, the program will need tweaking and a transition to (at least
partly) weighted exercises. The ease, duration, and mobility of the workout do
yet not have to be affected by these changes - with resistance training bands,
of which I've only recently pointed out that they can almost fully replace a
gym if used properly.

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