Friday, October 20, 2017

VPX Redline RTD Energy Drinks Feel Awesome (Pre-Workout, Energy, Fat Burner)

From the manufacturer:

* Redline Xtreme energy drink dramatically enhances focus and energy

* Use the power of Redline Xtreme to give you a mind-blowing
   performance boost by increasing reaction time

* Crisp focus, clear energy, razor sharp reaction

* Great tasting Blue Raspberry flavor

Redline's radical combination of novel ingredients will have you incinerating fat with its unique 1-2 fat melting punch so effectively it renders fat burners of the past obsolete. When it comes to energy, Redline will "amp" you to the max within minutes, ready to tear apart the weights and wear out the treadmill like an animal. Now available in a convenient 3 ounce single serving bottle in delicious Triple Berry flavor.