Saturday, October 14, 2017

Super Protein Stack

I don’t think there’s any research on combining these ingredients beyond a whey and casein blend, but we’re bodybuilders which means we experiment outside of the box.

Casein            10 – 25 grams
Whey              10 – 25 grams
BCAA 2:1:1    5 – 15 grams
Glutamine     5 grams

You could always add in 1 – 3 grams of HMB if you have the cash.

The protein content in Quest is about 52 percent whey and 48 percent casein.

The protein content in Muscle Milk is about 20 percent whey and 80 percent casein.

The protein content in Pro-JYM is about 10 percent egg, 40 percent whey and 50 percent casein.

Reference from Suppversity:

Whey + Casein - A Superior Post-Workout Shake in Theory (Fast + Slow) and Practice (Results of a 10-Week Study)

Table 2: As you can see, the supplements were isocaloric. Differences in the energy intake from the supplement, which had be consumed as quickly as possible, but ideally within 2 hours, following the workouts on training days and in the morning ( 9:00 AM) of nontraining days, can thus not explain the different study outcomes (Kerksick. 2006)


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