Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If It Fits Your Somatotype (Bodytype) - IIFYS - Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph

What's your bodytype?

ECTOMORPH - what we called "skinny" or the typical hardgainer in muscle parlance.
* delicate build
* long, thin arms and legs
* fast metabolism
* little bodyfat
* takes longer to build muscle

Bulking For Ectomorphs: So You Think You're A Hardgainer? By Derek Charlebois
MESOMORPH - what we called "cocky" or the lucky mofo who looks at weights and gets muscle.
* rectangular shape in men, hourglass in women
* naturally muscular
* minimal bodyfat
* can easily gain or lose weight
* builds muscle quickly

Bulking For Mesomorphs: Gain Lean Body Mass! By Derek Charlebois
ENDOMORPH - what we called "big boned" or the dude who gains muscle but an equal amount of fat.
* round shape and softer overall
* short, full arms and legs that taper to slim wrists and ankles
* slow metabolism, difficulty losing weight
* great deal of bodyfat
* builds muscle easily

Bulking For Endomorphs: Gain Lean Body Mass! By Derek Charlebois

These are not written in stone since you could be ecto-meso or endo-meso or some weird combination inbetween.

According to Arnold Schwarzenegger:

"Ectomorphs should use lower volume (2-3 sets per exercise), more weight and fewer reps (5-8), and should minimize cardio, in addition to increasing overall food intake, especially protein.
Endomorphs should perform more sets (3-4 per exercise) and higher reps (10-15), with cardio receiving high priority and caloric intake moderated.
Mesomorphs can stick to 3-4 sets per exercise, with reps falling in the middle, at around 8-10. Cardio is also suggested, as mesomorphs typically aren't as lean as ectomorphs."

According to Men's Heatlh each bodytype should consider the sport that they are participating in:

Ectomorph                  Mesomorph               Endomorph
---------                            ---------                     ---------
Cycling                          Sprinting                  Walking
Basketball                      Cycling                     Cycling
Long-distance                Football                    Swimming
  running                        Ice hockey                Alpine skiing
Nordic skiing                 All skiing                 Basketball
High jump                     Basketball                 Ice hockey
Pole vault                      Track events             Ice hockey
Tennis                           Windsurfing              Rowing
Volleyball                      Racquetball              Football
Weight training              Baseball
                                       Weight training

According to The Summer Stud transformation. by Karen Orsi in Muscle and Body magazine here are the two month eating plans for each bodytype.

Body TypeMonth 1Month 2
Ectomorph20 cal/pound22 cal/pound
Mesomorph18 cal/pound19.5 cal/pound
Endomorph15 cal/pound16 cal/pound
Here are the macronutrient breakdowns for the first two months.
Body Type
Month 1
Month 2
35% protein, 40% carbs,
25% healthy fats
37% protein, 38% carbs,
25% healthy fats
35% protein, 35% carbs,
30% healthy fats
37% protein, 33% carbs,
30% healthy fats
40% protein, 30% carbs,
30% healthy fats
42% protein, 28% carbs,
30% healthy fats

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