Thursday, December 6, 2012

USPLabs Prime - Promotes Thick, Dense Muscle & Supraphysical Strength Development!

Information from USPLabs

USPLabs Prime contains two extremely potent, novel ingredients.

SuperAnabolic (Tribulus Aquaticus)

SuperAnabolic is a rare species of herb in the same family as Tribulus Terrestris. However, once you try USPLabs Prime you'll soon realize the comparisons stop there. The glycosides contained in USPLabs Prime make the saponins of tribulous terrestris look like the placebo! Tribulus Aquaticus contains active components called glycosides. However, the components in USPLabs Prime are unique to our specific extract of Tribulus Aquaticus and have not been found in any other compound in the world. These glycosides are believed to exert their anabolic effects through non androgen receptor-mediated mechanisms, perhaps by possessing anti-glucocorticoid activity. In any case, it's obvious that these glycosides allow for a retention of nitrogen and either a decline in the catabolic processes related to skeletal muscle or an improvement in protein synthesis; the end result of which is increased muscle mass.*

The Ayurvedic system points to a wonder-fruit called terminalia chebula. Its viewed as one of the most potent CNS and body adaptagenic compounds the world has ever seen.* It's proposed that terminalla chebula balances the entire body mentally and physically - placing your body in a perfect state of balance during times of intense stress.*

Additional Terminalia Chebula benefits:

  • It's thought to stimulate & support the liver.*
  • When taken with meals, it's believed to sharpen the intellect, increases strength, stimulates the senses, expel urine, stool and other waste materials from the body.*
  • Based on its comprehensive properties, it promotes appetite and helps in digestion.*

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