Friday, November 16, 2018

Thriv Advanced Daily Protein | All Natural Gluten Free | Designed to Mimic Mothers Milk | 16.2 oz (60% Whey / 40% Casein)

Product description


Thriv Protein Blend provides a commodity protein supplement to meet the category needs of individuals looking for a price-driven protein supplement that still delivers a high quality blend of whey, casein and milk protein. Produced from Grass Pasture Fed Cows free of GMO, bovine growth hormone, antibiotics, and anabolics. Thrive Protein Blend is low-heat pasteurized to maintain the integrity and bioavailability of the protein peptides.

Designed to Imitate Human Milk

With its precisely tuned level of supplemental first day colostrum, Thriv is thus way more than a simple muscle builder. With the far‐reaching effects colostrum can have on your anti‐oxidant and antimicrobial defenses as well as its modulatory effect on your immune system – a property that distinguishes Thriv from all the other whey + casein mixes on the market. This is why the human body uses Colostrum from day 1 in human milk to grow and develop!

Whey and Casein Blend

State of the art research shows that the dairy proteins whey and casein are the best natural source of essential amino acids and bioactive peptides. Thriv is made with low heat pasteurized whey protein isolate, and milk protein concentrate to allow Thrīv to offer the perfect synergy of fast and slow digesting dairy proteins.

All Natural and Wholesome!

With its unique natural sweetener blend that’s based on glycine, monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol Thrīv has a natural sweetness that won't leave you questioning whether the delicious supplement you've just consumed may have detrimental effects on your health. Add in real vanilla, cream extract, and salt (sodium chloride) Thriv tastes like your grandma's self-made vanilla milk-shake and unlike any of the vanillin-flavored synthetic products on the market!

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