Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A-Rod's List of Alleged PED's

Last Sunday, 60 Minutes interviewed Anthony Bosch whose Biogenesis clinic is at the center of the sports doping scandal. He gave an interesting peek into what he alleges he gave A-Rod to enhance his performance. Below is what I could gather from the interview.

Testosterone Troche sublingual 1 – 3 mg before games

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) mornings

GHRP-2 peptides - evenings

GHRP-6 peptides - evenings

CJC-1295 peptides Monday and Friday at noon

Testosterone Cream

DHEA daily

Pregnenolone daily

Clomiphen – 10 day protocol  

Interesting stuff. We will see how it shakes out in the future as A-Rod has filed a law suit in response.

Watch the interview on 60 Minutes on The Case of Alex Rodriguez.
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