Monday, January 20, 2014

Hung Like a Horse: Gamma Oryzanol, Can it add mass? With Dosage information

I was curious about a product called Gamma-O. It is an expensive product given the lack of evidence of it's test boosting properties. What I did find is that it is included in some products to increase the size of race horses. I also found other anecdotal claims of the active ingredient, ferulic acid possibly being beneficial in mass gain.

If you want to try it, it can be found in several products. I would choose the least expensive.

Gamma Labs® Gamma-O™ Natural Testosterone Booster V2 Series

Gamma Labs Gamma-O Liquid V2, 32 Fl. Oz.

Gamma Oryzanol from Source Naturals

Source Naturals Trans-Ferulic Acid

Enzymatic Therapy Acid-Ease

Only Natural For Men Only II

Vitol Gorilla Nitro, 120 Tablets

Universal Nutrition GH Max, 180 Tablets

Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals IGF Blast, 180 Tablets

Dosing according to

The dosages of Gamma-oryzanol used are highly variable, with some studies using a lower dose (50mg once daily or 20mg thrice daily) and other studies using a markedly higher dosage (300-800mg daily). As there are no reliable benefits associated with Gamma-oryzanol supplementation in the first place, it is unsure what dosage should be recommended (if this supplement is to be recommended at all).

Gamma Oryzanol on

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Ferulic acid improves performance over a period of consecutive days

Bodybuilding supplement SARM-X contains ordinary ferulic acid

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