Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interesting Anabolics - Try These to Increase Muscle

Sometimes you come across interesting combinations that on paper should build mucho muscle. Well below are some products I found that just may do the trick. I plan to try them all.


Epicat-Lax Max delivers 150mg of 92% Epicatechin. This is considered to be a good daily dosage for those of normal body weight. Epicatechin is a bioactive compound classified as a flavonol, a plant based phytochemical which is found in a number of foods in trace amounts, including green tea and dark chocolate. Epicatechin has been the subject of several studies that have uncovered a host of physiological benefits, including enhanced muscle growth and strength, increased nitric oxide production for improved vascularity and blood flow, and improved memory, brain and heart health. Research with Epicatechin indicates that it substantially increases levels of Follistatin, a special type of protein found in the muscles, which binds to and thereby inhibits the actions of Myostatin in the body. Myostatin is a type of protein called a myokine, which limits the level of muscle growth. Mammals lacking Myostatin can show huge increases in muscularity. Thus, more Follistatin equals less Myostatin, and less Myostatin equals more muscle!


Also known as 5 alpha hydroxy Laxogenin or 5a hydroxy Laxogenin, Laxogenin is a plant compound and the best known member of a group of anabolic compounds collectively referred to as brassinosteroids. Epicat-Lax Max delivers 60mg of 97% Laxogenin per capsule. While its mechanism of effect has yet to be fully determined, the prevailing view is that Laxogenin directly increases protein to muscle synthesis while decreasing protein breakdown. It is also believed to enhance muscle recovery and growth by inhibiting the stress hormone cortisol. Excessive cortisol levels can make it almost impossible to gain muscle, not to mention strength.


7-Methoxyflavone is an all-natural ingredient with strong aromatase inhibiting properties, superior bio-availability, and strong resistance to hepatic metabolism/breakdown. What is aromatase? Aromatase is a genetically regulated enzyme that binds to the most potent, masculine, anabolic compound in your body (free testosterone) and feminizes it, converting free testosterone to female estrogens. 7-Methoxyflavone binds to the aromatase enzymes and effectively inactivates them. This reduces the amount of estrogen in the blood stream, thus increasing luteinizing hormone secretion which in turn increases the body's production of testosterone. Each capsule of Epicat-Lax Max delivers 200 mg of 99% 7-Methoxyflavone - a quite potent daily dosage.

TONGKAT ALI 100:1 Extract:

Tongkat Ali is a popular folk name for Eurycoma longifolia. The name Tongkat Ali means "Ali's walking stick." Another folk name for the plant is Longjack. Tongkat Ali is a scientifically studied plant which holds up brilliantly under close scrutiny. The root contains a plethora of beneficial compounds, including potent protective anti-oxidants which inhibit cellular aging. Quassinoids in the root prove twice as potent as aspirin against fevers. Most importantly, Tongkat Ali extract can increase testosterone levels up to fourfold. Increasing testosterone levels is the main objective from a muscle building (and sex drive) standpoint. Testosterone is the most important of the male sex hormones, which are known as androgens. Tongkat Ali is quite anabolic and is a great tonic herb. Each capsule of Epicat-Lax Max contains 200mg of Tongkat Ali 100:1 Extract. Though not a large dose, this amount is sufficient to have a definite positive effect on testosterone levels.