Saturday, October 27, 2012

Man Up! Universal Animal: Real Old School Iron Big Veiny Muscle

I love their ads. I love their shirts. And I love their products. A straight up kitchen sink approach.

Animal Pak is the king of multivitamin formulations. Multivitamin mineral blend, amino acids, a performance complex, a antioxidant complex and digestive enzymes.

Animal Stak has testosterone boosters, growth hormone support, nitric oxide (vasodilators), anti-estrogen, DHT blockers, cortisol inhibitors and liver detoxifiers.

Animal Cuts has a Thermogenic Complex, Metabolic Complex, Thyroid Complex, Diuretic Complex, Nootropic Complex, Cortisol Inhibiting Complex, CCK Inhibiting Complex, Bioavailability Complex.

Animal Flex has a Joint Construction Complex, Joint Lubrication Complex and a Joint Support Complex.

Universal products aren't made for wussy, I can't take all those pill fellas. The Animal products are made for squat til I puke, go until failure dudes who want to get big and strong.