Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Try Tri-Sets for New Muscle Mass Gains

Have you stopped growing? Or are you just bored with your current program? Well, Tim Scheett may very well have the answer. Tri-Sets.

Tri-Sets provide the lifter with a very specific set of exercises that ramp up the intensity of the workout on a particular muscle group.

For example on backday you would:

Tri-Set 5 10 20
Bent-over barbell row 5
Pulldown 10
Straight-arm pulldown 20

Your rest period should only be long enough to move to the next exercise.

The first exercise after a good warm up should be a heavy compound movement. The second exercise should be heavy enough to make you work through a hypertrophy rep range. The final exercise should be 20+ and a single joint isolation move.

Do 2 – 3 rounds of a Tri-Set and feel the new gains.
5 10 20 TURN UP THE HEAT ON LAGGING BODYPARTS TO UNCOVER NEW GROWTH. Scheett, Tim. Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness, Dec2003, Vol. 64 Issue 12, p100, 4p, 1 Color Photograph