Monday, May 19, 2014


EXERCISE                   SETS    REPS


Barbell Bench Press        3       15, 10, 4 *



Cable Crossover            3       20


Flat-bench Dumbbell Flye   3       20, 15, 6 *



Cable Crossover            3       20


Giant Set:


EXERCISE                   SETS    REPS


Barbell Incline Press      3       15

Barbell Pullover           3       15

Parallel-bar Dip           3       To failure

Cable Crossover            3       25


* Columbu would pyramid up in weight each set.


Source Citation (MLA 7th Edition)

Velazquez, Eric. "The sum of all parts: taking a page from Frankenstein, we went down to the lab and constructed the ultimate bodybuilder from the best parts of past Sandow winners." Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness Feb. 2014: 94+.

* Born: Aug. 7, 1941--Sardinia, Italy
* Height: 5'5"
* Weight: 185 lbs
* Bodybuilding Titles: 1970 Mr. Europe, 1970 Mr. Universe, 1971 Mr. Universe. 1971 Mr. World, 1976 Mr. Olympia, 1981 Mr. Olympia
* Best Lifts: Bench Press: 525 lbs; Squat: 665 lbs; Deadlift: 750 lbs; Olympic Press: 325 lbs; Snatch: 270 lbs; Clean and Jerk: 400 lbs

Source Citation (MLA 7th Edition)

"Franco Columbu: the world-class bodybuilder and powerlifter was more than just Arnold's best friend." Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness Feb. 2013: 157. Military and Intelligence Database Collection. Web. 19 May 2014.


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