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TUDCA tauroursodeoxycholic acid: Advanced Liver Support and Function

Nutricost Tudca 250mg, 60 Capsules (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid) - Premium Quality  

The liver is your frontline defense against the barrage of toxins your body is assaulted with on a daily basis, so making sure your liver is protected and working at peak performance is critical to optimal health and longevity. Not only does the liver filter blood and processes toxins out of the body, but it also produces bile and plays an important role in blood clotting. A variety of factors can harm your liver such as: alcohol, prescription drugs like NSAIDS, artificial sweeteners, and air pollution. The best way to protect your liver is to take a liver supplement. And while most people automatically buy milk thistle, we’ve got something even better.

Liver Support and Androgens

If you’ve been taking androgens, you need to be concerned about your liver. Although androgens can help you get bigger and stronger, they’ve got a down side too. The liver processes the androgen, which may cause liver damage. Androgens also may send your LDL cholesterol skyrocketing. When you take androgens, they can create metabolites that amass in the liver. This may lead to intrahepatic cholestasis, a liver condition in which bile flow is obstructed. As a result, cholestasis can lead to elevated LDL cholesterol. TUDCA combats this vicious cycle by aiding the production of bile. TUDCA supports bile flow to remove these toxic metabolites from the liver. In this way, TUDCA protects you against cholestasis to ensure cholesterol metabolism. Because TUDCA ensures that you’re breaking down fat, it helps to prevent fatty liver disease. It also protects the liver against cell death. Not only do you get liver protection, but you’ve got a built in cholesterol fighter when you take TUDCA.

What is TUDCA?

TUDCA is short for tauroursodeoxycholic acid, basically, a metabolite of the prescription drug ursodeoxycholic acid. UDCA is prescribed for the treatment of cholestatic liver disease. While UDCA is great for reversing liver disease, you can’t get it without a prescription not to mention, it’ll cost you a fortune to get. That’s where TUDCA comes in. Because it’s a metabolite of UDCA, TUDCA gives you great liver protection. With TUDCA, you’re getting a product that may be just as potent without a prescription or the crazy price of UDCA. So you’re thinking, what’s the big deal? I can take milk thistle and get the same benefits for cheaper. Not really. Milk thistle helps bile production, but it’s no comparison to the mighty TUDCA when you consider this fact: oral supplements of milk thistle just don’t absorb well. Compare that with the hundred of studies supporting the effects of ORAL supplementation of TUDCA. So yeah, you can spend less on the milk thistle and throw your money away. Or you can spend a few extra bucks and get the liver supplement that works – TUDCA.

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