Friday, March 29, 2013

Inulin and Beta-Glucan Stack to Beat the Fat


1 Serving of Swanson Ultra Inulin Powder

1 Capsule of Swanson BetaRight Beta Glucans

Beware - Inulin or any fiber can cause gas....go slow.

Excerpt from Suppversity:

Whether having 10% of your diet in form of inulin, or to make this more conceivable, having 1 tablespoon of plain inulin for every 9 tablespoons of whatever else you eat is either feasible or reasonable, is a whole different story (to put that into perspective: The average inulin intake of Westerners is 1-10g per day (van Loo. 1995). Even 10g would yet only be enough if you ate only 100g of food within 24h!)... and I must forewarn you, if you go by the fecal volume of the mice in the Arora study, it is possible that you will spend >3x more time on the toilette than usual.

Inulin & Beta Glucan Reduce Body Fat Gain By -50% & -33%! Both Have Similar Effects on the Gut Microbiome, But Only Inulin Appears to Be More Than An Appetite Suppressant

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