Friday, November 1, 2013

Nitric Oxide (NO) Stack - Citrulline + Pycnogenol + Horny Goat Weed + GPLC + Agmatine + Vitamin C

SUPPLEMENT        DOSE              TIMING

Citrulline       4-5 g   30-60 minutes before workouts

Pycnogenol       100 mg  30-60 minutes before workouts

Horny goat weed  500 mg  30-60 minutes before workouts

GPLC             750 mg  30-60 minutes before workouts

Agamatine                 500 - 1500 mg 30-60 minutes before workout

Vitamin C                  250 - 1000 mg 30-60 minutes before workout

Beet Root                   1 capsule  30-60 minutes before workout  

I would also consider adding 500mg of Agmatine and 1000mg of Vitamin C.

This amino acid is readily converted to arginine in the body, which is then readily converted to NO.

Activates the enzyme nitric oxide synthase, which catalyzes the conversion of arginine to NO.

An ingredient in horny goat weed known as icariin blocks the PDE5 enzyme from breaking down NO, so you have more of it for a longer period of time.

GPLC may work by increasing the activity of the NOS enzyme similar to the way Pycnogenol works. But it may also decrease the production of free radicals, which normally increase the breakdown of NO.

Agmatine is the by-product of the breakdown of the amino acid arginine. It it thought to boosts nitric oxide, support the release of insulin and blunt pain while training. It also shows promise in the support of testosterone and growth hormone. In addition, it is beneficial in supporting recovery via its anabolic action.

The health benefits of vitamin C are undisputable but the benefits we are interested in are it's ability to delay the break down nitric oxide.

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