Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ipriflavone: The anabolic isoflavone that you probably haven't heard of.

Used by Hungarians and brought to the U.S. by Patrick Arnold, Ipriflavone has gained significant attention in the strength training community.

Ipriflavone is thought to increase protein synthesis for building muscle mass. For that reason alone this could be a valuable supplement for the hardgainer. In addition, it supports bone formation,  healthy cholesterol levels and nitrogen retention.

Look to dose at 500 - 1,200 mg per day with meals. Ipriflavone cannot be used by the body on an empty stomach. 8 weeks on. 8 weeks off.

Excerpt from Animal Natural Anabolics

Due to its anabolic properties, ipriflavone can selectively increase fat-free lean mass. Like its cousin methoxyisoflavone, ipriflavone can do so via anabolism: increasing nitrogen retention, sparking protein synthesis, reducing protein breakdown (via cortisol inhibition), and by promoting nutrition-partitioning actions. With respect to nutrition-partitioning, studies have recorded up to 20% gains in weight from ipriflavone use, even with the same caloric intakes. According to pharmocokinetic studies, oral administration of ipriflavone is quickly absorbed and metabolized in the liver.

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